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The Wine Drinker’s Survival Guide to Prague

The Wine Drinker’s Survival Guide to Prague

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Prague is a beer city. The Czech Republic is the largest consumer of beer in Europe, and the beer is good, cheap, and plentiful. Pilsner beer is named after the city of Pilsen, just over 50 miles from Prague. But, what do you do when you’re surrounded by beer, but craving a glass of wine? Fear not wine lovers, there is plenty on tap for too. Here’s our wine survivors guide to your visit to Prague.

Visit a Winery Near Prague

Wine in the Czech Republic is mostly produced in southern Moravia, a region about 150 miles southeast of Prague. The region is responsible for so much of the grape production in the country that Czech wine is usually referred to as Moravian Wine.

Today, there are a few wineries in Bohemia, closer to Prague, such as St. Clare’s and St. Wenceslas’ Vineyard.

We took a short train ride to visit the city of Melnik, where grapes have been grown and wine produced for hundreds of years. The vineyards are perched on the hills where the rivers are, at the base of the castle (which is worth a tour as well).  

The city has an interesting (and sordid) history involving royalty and wine and also hosts an annual winemaker’s festival.

Melnik Czech Republic

Prague Wine Bars (Vinotecas)

Don’t worry, amidst the pubs and beer halls are some very good wine bars in Prague. Here are a few to try:

Monarch – Located in an old town, this wine bar (and shop) specializes in Czech wines.

Red Pif – In Praha 1, this wine bar and restaurant has great food as well.

Vinograf has three locations in the city and sports a huge wine list.

Veltlin – Located in Karlin, this unpretentious wine bar and shop specializes in Czech, Moravian, and Central European wines.

Prague Wine


Sample Wine Direct from the Tap

Prague Wine Bar


Many wine shops in Prague have a variety of wines available on tap (maybe taking a clue from the beer makers?). You can sample wine in the shop or take it home.

You select your preferred size of a plastic bottle (for which you need to pay a deposit), point to a tap, and the shopkeeper will fill up the bottle, even including a handy plastic ring to carry it.

You probably aren’t going to find five-star wines at the tap, but you do have the opportunity to taste a sample before committing to a whole (plastic) bottle.

Prague Wine

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Prague Wine


Relax at the Wine Spa

You have probably heard of Prague’s Beer Spas, where you can soak in a hot “beer” tub and pour yourself a glass of the frothy stuff at the same time. So the whole idea sounded a bit dubious to me.  Luckily there is a more sophisticated option.

For the full wine/relaxation experience, try visiting the Hotel Casa Marcello, as we did. The hotel offers a range of wine concept experiences, including wine and massage, wine and sauna, and their bath with natural wine extracts. And no, we weren’t dunked in a tub full of wine. This was by far one more civilized, and one of the more lush and memorable wine tastings we have had to date.

We were welcomed into the charming hotel and then led through the curving corridors of the hotel and downstairs to the cellar. I first thought we were headed to a wine cellar for the experience, but instead were ushered into a private room with a massage table, comfortable bed, and a wooden whirlpool tub.

Prague Wine Spa



After receiving a full aroma therapy massage we soaked in a scented tub and enjoyed a bottle of wine and fresh grapes. The whole experience was so relaxing that we left feeling like we were floating out on a cloud. I doubt the beer spa patrons would say the same.

Visit the Saturday Farmer’s Market

This open-air market is bustling with activity each weekend. You buy fresh fruits and vegetables here, along with other food favorites from Prague such as this sauerkraut and noodle dish cooked up in a huge iron skillet.

Of course, there is also beer. But, without looking too hard, you can also find a few wine vendors in the mix to satisfy your need for the grape.

Prague Farmers Market Wine

Get Festive

Prague has a huge number of festivals. We went to several ourselves, including a cheesecake festival and a Vietnamese festival. You get the idea that in Prague there is a lot of diversity and always reason to celebrate. And you if it is a wine extravaganza that you crave, Prague delivers. Here are a few wine-themed festivals to consider during your visit.

Prague Food Festival

Prague Events – General Listing by Month

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A very special thank you to JayWay Travel, specialists in travel through Eastern and Central Europe, who sponsored our time in Prague and directed us to many of the activities that made our trip so amazing. And also to Hotel Casa Marcello for hosting us for a day in their spa. As always, our opinions remain our own.

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Hello Pavel and Alina! Thank you for your kind offer. We'd be happy to stop by the next time we are in Prague. Jen and Sean


Sunday 23rd of August 2015

I was afraid I was going to have to give up wine when we go to Prague since they're really into beer. Thank you for showing me that there is more to the city than hops! I'm definitely booking that relaxing spa because it would be incredible to sit there and polish off a bottle.. err, glass of wine.

Carolann - One Modern Couple

Sunday 23rd of August 2015

This is fantastic! Wine spa? Sounds perfect! Will be looking to do MANY of these things when we hit Prague!

Jolanta | Casual Traveler

Sunday 23rd of August 2015

Soaking in the tub with a bottle of wine! Now, that is THE way to spend the evening after sightseeing in Prague! Nice! I'll have to keep that in mind for our trip to Prague, though maybe I should wait until my daughter is 18. (Since at that age she'll be able to join me.)


Sunday 23rd of August 2015

I've been a few times to Prague, but I didn't know that there were so many places to enjoy a good glass of wine. Good tips for those who don't like beer much!