How to Make  Thai Glass Noodle Salad

Thai Glass Noodle Salad, or Yum Woon Sen, is a refreshing cold salad that is quick and easy to make. There are many variations for this Asian dish, but each contains a balance of sweet and salty flavors, fresh crunchy vegetables and lots of fresh herbs.

Salad Ingredients

Cellophane (Glass) Noodles Fresh Mint Purple Cabbage Green Onions Cilantro Carrots Peanuts Hot Chili Sauce

Salad Dressing Ingredients

Thai  Chili Sauce Sriracha Sauce Fish Sauce Garlic Ginger Paste Lime Water

Cook the noodles per instructions, then mix with  the chopped veggies...

Whisk the dressing ingredients, and toss with noodles and vegetables