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Unleashing Spain’s Wild Side in Lleida

Unleashing Spain’s Wild Side in Lleida

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Spain isn’t the first place that comes to mind when I’m thinking about going somewhere to spend time and relax with nature – at least it wasn’t until I was introduced the province of Lleida. Its location just south of France will explain the amazing food and wine there.

You won’t find the bustling streets of Barcelona or Madrid with their tapas bars and fascinating architecture. Those sights are replaced with more serene settings with snow-capped mountains and tiny villages made up of stone houses topped with black slate tiled roofs.

It’s a quieter Spain, but quite robust in its own way. But in order to discover it, you’ll have to travel a little off the beaten path, but you’ll be well rewarded for your effort.

Soar with the eagles

High in the Pyrenees mountains you can visit the Zoo Del Pirineu. The word “zoo” doesn’t really feel like an apt description of this small intimate family-run facility. Here you can get an up-close view of the animals who call the zoo home. And home is really a much better description.

Baby Eagle

Spanish Wildlife Zoo Baby Eagle

 Being invited in for an afternoon here is like spending time with a close neighbor who happens to care for wild animals – lots of them. The zoo specializes in birds of prey.

You can see a show where you can learn more about the birds and watch them in flight. Be sure to duck your head during the show – I’m not kidding, these birds come in very close.

And also beware of the friendly pig, who is apt to knock you over in enthusiastic greeting if you decide to join him in his pen. There is also an area where baby birds, who are injured or abandoned are taken in and raised by the zoo’s founders.

Friendly Pig at the Zoo Del Pirineu

Friendly Pig at the Zoo Del Pirineu

Being able to see and interact with the animals was something I’ll never forget. The whole experience of visiting this intimate family zoo is made even better by its setting high in the mountains.

Zoo Del Pirineu

Up close and personal wildlife experience at the Zoo Del Pirineu

Paddle like an Olympian

The Olympic Parc del Segre is a water park built in 1990 as the setting for the whitewater events in the 2012 Barcelona Olympics. Since then it has been converted into a park where you too can paddle a kayak or bounce down the river in a rubber raft and finally express the Olympic athlete within you.

Olympic Park Pyrenees, Spain

Rafting in the Olympic Park in the Pyrenees, Spain

Or, opt for less glory but just as much fun by being carried in your watercraft up the electric conveyor belt from one section of the water park to another.

Meet the Cheese Maker

We had some of the best cheese that we’ve ever tried at The Formatgeria Mas d’Eroles. Master Cheese Maker Salvador Maura took us through his working dairy and cheese factory.

We met the cows who produce the milk, saw how he fermented and set the cheese, and placed the bundles in his cellar in order to age to perfection. And it does.

We were able to taste several of his favorites along with some locally sourced bread and rustic red wine. As a bonus, the award-winning cheese maker demonstrated the local technique for drinking wine from a decanter (Porron) – Catalan style.

Pyrenees Cheese Maker

Meet the Cheese Maker

Nature that inspired the masterpieces of Gaudi

Whenever we think about Barcelona one of the first images that come to mind are the buildings designed by the master, Antoni Gaudi.

Even when he was in the process of creating his masterpieces he would often state that Barcelona would become known for his buildings. And it certainly has.

But what in the world inspired his odd, futuristic-looking (even now) works? As it turns out, his inspiration was found in nature, right here, in Lleida.

Lleida Spain

Enjoy the Best Views in Spain – Parc Natural De L’Alt Pirineu

Lleida is home to the largest natural park in Catalunya, the Parc Natural De l’Alt Pirineu. The area is a playground for winter sports lovers during the winter, and a haven for hikers and nature lovers all year round.

Hiking in Lleida Spain

You can take multi-day hikes that will bring you over the steep glacier-formed Pyrenees mountain peaks. Or you can take an easy stroll through the woods and be treated to stunning views of snow-capped mountains. 

Waterfall in the Pyrenees Spain

Waterfall in the Pyrenees Spain


Pyrenees Dramatic Waterfall

Pyrenees Dramatic Waterfall

Enjoy the feeling of mist from occasional waterfalls that swell and thunder down the mountain in Spring. It is simply spectacular.

Parc Natural De L'Alt Pirineu

Parc Natural De L’Alt Pirineu

Here are a few additional articles to inspire or assist you in planning your Spanish vacation!

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The Pyrenees Spain





You can find your way to the province of Lleida by traveling by car two hours outside of Barcelona. If you are inspired to visit you can find more information by visiting Contrast Trip or the Lleida Board of Tourism, who sponsored our trip through the area.


Sunday 14th of June 2015

This is one of the most inspiring places you have been to yet. I love the mountains and this looks like a hiker paradise.

Natalie Deduck

Sunday 14th of June 2015

I had the opportunity to explore Catalunya and yes, it is amazing!! And that´s what I like the most about Spain and Catalunya, you can find vibrant cities, crowded beach, but also nature paradise, tiny villages and amazing food like in Lleida! Cheers, Nat

Vicky and Buddy

Saturday 13th of June 2015

The landscape looks amazing! This is definitely a side of Spain that a lot of people don't see, even though it's only 2 hours outside of Barcelona!


Saturday 13th of June 2015

Parc Natural De l’Alt Pirineu looks so beautiful. I knew that Antoni Gaudi took his inspiration from nature but did not know his place of inspiration was in Lleida, thanks for the education. Next time we're in Spain, this will have to be a stop for sure.


Saturday 13th of June 2015

What a lovely tour and yes I didn't know this part of Spain existed, although so many parts of Spain are really amazing and have such authentic experiences waiting to be discovered.