Things We Love About…Cuenca, Ecuador

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2016)

Stunning Architecture

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Cuenca has well preserved colonial architecture, and the sheer scope and detail of the buildings, particularly the churches, are incredible.

Cuenca Ecuador Church
Iconic Blue Church Top in Cuenca Ecuador
San Blas Church Cuenca Ecuador
San Blas Church Cuenca Ecuador

2014-03-06 13.12.44


Jogging Paths

Four rivers run through Cuenca: the Tomebamba, Yanuncay, Tarqui and Machangara. There are numerous parks throughout the City and whole sections of the rivers have been preserved with walking or jogging paths, often with green space, along the rivers that flow through Cuenca. We found that a great way to find new sites is to strap on our sneakers and go out on a run.

Wide Path In Cuenca
Wide Sidewalks Perfect for Jogging in Cuenca
Stream Running Through Cuenca
Stream Running Through Cuenca



Streets that are well lighted and feel totally safe at night.  We love to walk and this city provides a haven for wandering and taking in the scenery night and day.

Night View Of Church in Cuenca
Night View Of Church in Cuenca



Local markets overflow with fresh produce, meat and seafood, as well as every sort of other inexpensive and quality products.But don’t let the locals in colorful unassuming outfits fool you —   negotiate or be prepared to overpay.

Image source:
Image source:

Selection of Restaurants

We have found some great local restaurants and have wandered by other restaurants featuring Mediterranean, Italian, American, Swiss and even a Caribbean place we plan to check out.

Amcry Swiss Restaurant
Amcry Swiss Restaurant

Admittedly, it’s a little weird that the first time we’ve had Swiss raclette was in South America, but we will be back.


There is clearly an enormous amount of local pride in the city — everywhere you look there is someone picking up trash and sweeping the streets.2014-03-09 10.24.11


Street Art

It’s everywhere you look, and the artwork speaks for itself. See more in our Street Art Photo Tour post.

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Bakeries and Ice Cream

There is a Panaderia (bakery) full of bread and pasteries on almost every corner, with incredible cakes, tarts, eclairs, and more.  The smell of fresh baked bread in the air as you walk by can be maddening.2014-03-08 13.29.51

2014-03-08 13.29.44


We feel very welcome here and are looking forward to meeting more of the people that live here and about this amazing place.

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  1. Sean & Jen .. Thanks so much for sharing your travels ! The photos are amazing! Take care.. Eat well .. And enjoy!

  2. Thanks for all the photos! Ecuador looks awesome. I never really thought of it as a tourist destination, but it looks incredible.

    Can’t wait for your next post. You two have a great time!

  3. This is a great list of unexpected things to discover in Cuenca. It’s great that it’s a walkable city. Being New Yorkers, we love walking around to explore. I also appreciate that it’s clean, has great food and the running paths.


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