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The Park of Monsters – Il Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo, Viterbo, Italy

The Park of Monsters – Il Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo, Viterbo, Italy

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The Park of the Monsters, or The Sacro Bosco, is the oldest park that we’ve ever ventured into. But with a name like the Park of Monsters, you’d expect nothing less. 

Sea Monster Sculpture

Sea Monster Sculpture in Bomarzo Italy’s Sacro Bosco

The Park of Monsters is a dark, forested, and moss-covered expanse of land. The stroll inside is actually quiet and serene until you happen upon one of the 24 enormous stone statues.

They are designed to have a provocative and shocking effect on the viewer, and many of them deliver. Imagine meandering down a stone staircase in the woods, turning the corner, and finding these guys.

The Monster Park in Bomarzo, Italy

Not a fun day for this guy


The Monster Park in Bomarzo, Italy

The Monster Park in Bomarzo, Italy


Monster Park Viterbo Italy

Monster Park Viterbo Italy

Sacro Bosco

The Sacro Bosco was commissioned by Price Pier Francesco who was distraught following the death of his wife. His anguish is clearly present in the park, even after all this time.

Bomarzo Park Statue of Woman

A woman’s head sits atop an animals body at the Park of Monsters entrance


Hanibal's elephants

Provocative image of one of Hanibal’s elephants on the attack

The Park of Monsters was completed in 1552. It is the work of architect Pirro Ligorio, best known for completing St. Peter’s Cathedral following the death of Michelangelo.

 Il Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo

Il Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo


Bomarzo Demon Head

Bomarzo Demon head watches from its perch

The Sacro Bosco was, for a long time, abandoned and forgotten. The overgrown area was rediscovered in 1954 and restored. The years of neglect have left their scars on the gigantic statues, which only adds to their gruesome character.

Bomarzo Neptune

Neptune – looking angry and powerful on his stony thrown


Il Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo Statues

Violent images dominate the calm and serene park setting. A little chilling.

Is it just me, or does this one remind you a little of the Starbucks symbol? I always thought it was a little creepy. The siren is actually a mythological beautiful and dangerous mermaid, who would lure sailors to a watery grave after following her sweet song into the rocks. Coffee anyone?

The Gardens of Bomarzo

Mermaid form in the Monster Garden Viterbo, Italy

Siren in an odd pose lingers in the garden

After seeing images of the park online, we were compelled to visit. Wandering through the park took about 2 hours. Photos don’t really help describe the massive statues that sometimes seem to appear out of nowhere.

The visual impact is striking. But one of the most impressive things in the park is the sound that comes out of this ogre when you growl inside its mouth. You know you will!

Bomarzo - Park of Monsters

Ogre invites you to sit on the raised slab inside – and scream.

If you find yourself equally compelled to visit the park, it’s actually an easy day trip from Rome. The park sits about nine miles from the city of Viterbo, which is also worth touring around during your visit. Bomarzo itself is also a small picturesque hilltop town that is fun to explore.

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Park of Monsters Viterbo Italy

The Park of Monsters Bomarzo Italy

How to get to The Gardens of Bomarzo

You can join an organized tour to Bomarzo and leave the planning and driving to someone else. 

To find Bomarzo from Rome on your own – get directions by car, bus or train by searching Road2Rio

Park of Monsters is at Localití  Giardino at Bomarzo – Viterbo – Italy
It lies at 42° 29′ 22″ north latitude and 12° 14′ 53″ east longitude by our smartphone.
Instead to Google Maps, it lies at 42° 48′ 95″ north latitude and 12° 24′ 82″ east longitude
The address by Google Maps:
01020 Bomarzo (Viterbo)
Via Madonna della Valle n°101

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Angelo F.

Thursday 28th of July 2016

My family and I tried to enter the park many years ago, but we ran away as we learned the ticket fee: it was something like 18 Euros each, definitely not worth of.


Thursday 28th of July 2016

Maybe they've changed the pricing - it was 10 Euro for adults, 8 Euro for children. Definitely was worth it for us!


Friday 3rd of June 2016

I love adventurer and scary places. These images are not scary and I do not know why this place has been named "Monster Park". But I want to go there. They seem interesting, and I want to see them.

Jennifer @ Made all the Difference Travel Blog

Sunday 22nd of May 2016

These statues look kind of interesting. They provide an interesting perspective on Italy. We might not understand them but they are pretty cool in my book.

Laura Lynch

Sunday 22nd of May 2016

What an interesting place! I haven't seen this before. Yet another cool thing to see in Italy.

Danielle Des

Sunday 22nd of May 2016

Even though this is different, I love it. I gasped from some of the pictures so I know this would be a great place to visit.