The Rewards of Traveling Outside of Your Comfort Zone

travel comfort zone

I became passionate about travel after my (now) husband took me on my first trip abroad. Instead of planning a typical vacation that involved lying in the sun and getting the darkest tan possible (which i have since grown to regret for so many reasons), he suggested that we plan a trip to Europe. That … Read more



After 4 years of full-time travel, we have covered a lot of territory! Here is our collection of articles about our adventures and interesting experiences and people that we have encountered along the way. It is our hope to help our readers find a new location or off the beaten track activity to improve your … Read more

Do You Need Proof of Onward Travel?


You arrive at the airport, armed with bags, passport and your one-way ticket, ready for a big adventure exploring your next new destination. And then, as you are checking into your flight, you are asked the dreaded question. “Do you have proof of onward travel?” Most round the world travelers and digital nomads have faced this question at … Read more

Turkish Hospitality in Istanbul, On Fire

Flaming Fish Baked in Salt

Sometimes the best experiences that we’ve had while traveling are unplanned and unanticipated. They always involve an element of surprise, a little bit of wow, and in the best of all world show us how wonderful and welcoming people can be. The other night was one such night. We were in a crowded restaurant in the … Read more