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Bunet – Cocoa and Amaretti Pudding

Bunet is an Italian Dessert from the Piedmont region of Italy. It is a baked pudding flavored with rich cocoa, Amaretti biscuits and rum. Amaretti biscuits are Italian cookies made with almonds and Amaretto liqueur. They can be substituted with macaroons or other almond flavored cookie. Bunet is baked surrounded by caramel sauce, which is …

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Bolognese Sauce Made Simple

Simple Bolognese Sauce takes the complex process of making Classic Italian Bolognese Sauce from a several hour process down to 40 minutes from start to finish. We use a combination of Italian sausage and beef as the base from which to build flavor. The vegetables, tomatoes, tomato paste and spices simmer together for 30 minutes and …

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