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Ruin Bar Boat

Crawling Through Budapest

In Budapest, the Jewish Quarter is where everything is happening: the old ghetto which had fallen into decay over the years has transformed more recently into a mishmash of new buildings, upscale restaurants, and wine bars.  And of course, the famous Ruin Bars – places that have cropped up in abandoned buildings that are the very definition of how one […]
Hike to Freedom Hill

Hiking Up And Tumbling Down Gellért Hill

The two riverside cities of “Buda” and “Pest” were joined to make one large capital city in 1873. Despite that, most locals still refer to each side by its former name – the areas are, after all, very different. Most travelers who venture to Budapest find accommodations on the Pest side of the Danube River, the […]
Budapest Spa

A Blissful Day in Budapest – Spa Capital of the World

If the wonderful food, amazing historical sites and inexpensive prices aren’t enough to make you consider a trip to Budapest, this important fact will. Budapest has long been considered the spa capital of the world. There are 123 natural hot springs and drilled wells here. They deliver 18 million gallons of 70 – 172 degree F of […]
Danube River, Budapest, Hungary

Getting A Taste For Budapest

Have you ever eaten chocolate spiked with tarragon? Or gone to a restaurant where you get a canister of carbonated water that you are supposed to use to mix with your wine? Or eaten cottage cheese covered with chocolate? Then you haven’t been to Budapest. And until recently, neither had I. A Walking Food Tour of Budapest […]
Chef Parade Budapest

Hungry in Hungary? Traditional Cooking in Budapest

Before heading to Budapest for the first time, I decided to track down a cooking class. This wasn’t unusual in itself. It’s always a good way to learn about the culture and the food in a new place (and get great restaurant recommendations from the chef – they always know where to eat). But in […]