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Medieval Hill Towns in Italy

Discovering the Medieval Hill Towns of Central Italy

[toc] In Italy, about midway between Florence and Rome, lies the province of Viterbo. The region doesn’t receive a great deal of attention from travel sites and guidebooks, but it is dotted with small cities and towns with history that extends back well before Roman times. Many of these towns were built on top of high rocky […]
Bamarzo - Park of Monsters

The Park of Monsters – Il Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo, Viterbo, Italy

The Park of Monsters, or The Sacro Bosco, is the oddest park that we’ve ever ventured into. But with a name like the Park of Monsters, you’d expect nothing less. The Park of Monsters is a dark, forested and moss covered expanse of land. The stroll inside is actually quiet and serene, until you happen upon one […]