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Finding the Best Paella in Valencia

We’ve put together this guide to paella, and will point you to places that serve up, in our opinion, the best paella in Valencia. Any visit to Valencia, Spain should include a sampling their signature rice dish, paella. We have traveled to Valencia, Spain frequently, and thus we’ve sampled a lot of paella!  But not …

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Champinones al Ajillo – Garlic Mushroom Tapas

Champiñones al Ajillo (Garlic Mushroom Tapas) are a wonderful addition to any appetizer or tapas menu! Since spending time in Spain, we have become quite enamored with tapas. Spanish Tapas are small dishes or little appetizers often served alongside a glass of wine or sangria.  Enjoying tapas with friends is a great way to unwind …

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Chorizo in Red Wine – Chorizo al Vino

Chorizo in Red Wine is one of my favorite Spanish tapas dishes. The rich red wine sauce complements the spicy, smoky chorizo sausage. If you aren’t familiar, tapas refers to small Spanish appetizers served as either a snack or combined together as a full meal, often shared with others.  Below we have a link to …

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Risoni Salad with Tzatziki and Feta

The key to this creamy pasta dish is using a small rice shaped pasta to be mixed together with creamy tzatziki sauce. The feta cheese adds another dimension of flavor. We also included some mayonnaise and crunchy vegetables for extra texture and flavor, and topped it off with lemon zest. This light refreshing pasta salad …

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Spanish Tortilla with Chorizo

If you have ever been to Spain, it’s very likely that you are well acquainted with a Spanish Tortilla, or Tortilla Española. The dish can be found on most restaurant menus, as well as in supermarkets and homes throughout Spain. Tortilla Española is a dish made with thinly sliced potatoes and onions, slowly cooked in …

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Tagliata di Manzo (Beef Tagliata)

Tagliata di Manzo, or beef tagliata, is a simple but delicious dish served throughout Italy as a main course. The dish consists of perfectly seared high quality steak, accompanied by fresh spicy arugula and aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.  For this version, I used a good-sized filet mignon, but any other quality cut of beef will …

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