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Segovia Spain – A Day Trip From Madrid You Can’t Miss

Segovia Spain – A Day Trip From Madrid You Can’t Miss

Segovia is an easy day trip from Madrid. It’s a short 25 minute ride by high speed train, but feels like a world away the minute you arrive. It is best known for for its amazingly well preserved 2000 year old aqueduct built during Roman times. The ancient structure is composed of huge stones held together without mortar. At one end there remains one small arch attached to a stone building. Follow along the 167 arches to the other end and you will find a mammoth structure measuring over 93 feet tall at it’s highest point.. The awe inspiring structure is easy to find. The bus from the train station will take you right to the center of town. Once there…you can’t miss it.

Segovia Spain Aqueduct as you enter the city

Aqueduct as you enter the city

Segovia Aqueduct from below

Aqueduct from below

Segovia Aqueduct from inside the city

Segovia Aqueduct from inside the city

After viewing the aquaduct it’s time to take in more of the sights that medieval Segovia has to offer. Wander up to the old Jewish Quarter passing by tiny passageways where you will see wrought iron balaconies filled with colorful plants or the days wash. Notice the interesting patterns and textures that adorn the outside of buildings along the way.

Narrow Streets of Segovia

Charming narrow streets

Example of texture on buildings throughout the city.

Example of texture on buildings throughout the city.

Decorated Iron Balconies

Decorated Iron Balconies

unusual texture on building in Segovia

Casa De Los Picos – The House Of Points

Along side the Old Jewish Quarter sits one of Spain’s most famous castles,  El Alcazar de Segovia. The enchanting castle is rumored to have inspired Walt Disney in his creation of Cinderella’s Castle.

Alcazar De Segovia

Alcazar De Segovia – an inspiration for Cinderella?

Alcazar De Segovia from a distance

Alcazar De Segovia from a distance

All the more amazing is the Cathedral De Santa Maria built in the 16th century, with Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Cathedral of Santa Maria Segovia

Cathedral of Santa Maria Segovia

Cathedral Detail

Cathedral Detail

While in Segovia you can also treat yourself to some of the famous Spanish Tapas (small snacks often served on bread). Some establishments serve you a small tapa whenever you order a drink. Others will charge you a small amount for a sampling. Canas y Tapas in San Martin Plaza is a good centrally located choice.

Tapas sample from Canas y Tapas

Free tapas sample served with each drink order

Canas Y Tapas View

View from a tapas restaurant enhanced with a glass of wine. Why not?

If you are looking for a more traditional Spanish Taps experience try the Meson De Jose Maria – a traditional Castilian Tavern off of Plaza Mayor. It will be filled with a mix of locals from those taking a break at the end of the day to families who wheel their baby carriages into the bar catch up with friends. This boisterous place oozes local charm and offers anything from a simple snack to full meals.

Mason Tavern Segovia

Meson De Jose Maria Tavern Segovia

Inside the boisterous Jose Maria Tavern

Inside the boisterous Jose Maria Tavern

Napkins on floor

Napkins deposited on the ground – typical of Spanish tapas taverns

But, if you have a bigger appetite you may be tempted by Segovia’s best known dish – the roast suckling pig (cochinillo). There are references to it all over town – from plastic smiling pigs peeking out of shop windows to pictures of the famous dish (a whole roasted pig on a single platter).

Smells of the roasting delicacy will greet your nose and tempt your stomach as you stroll through the city. You can purchase a whole pig for about 25 euros, or can sample just a portion if you lack the appetite or enough friends with you to share in the feast.

Whole Suckling Pig

Restaurant Proudly offering whole suckling pig

Portion of suckling pig with extra crispy skin

Portion of suckling pig with extra crispy skin

After seeing all of the sights and sampling the food I’m sure you will agree that a visit to Madrid is not complete with a side trip to Segovia. If you have found yourself in love with your newly discovered city, or increasingly enamored with your loved one after discovering the romantic city while sampling a glass of wine, you may want to express yourself by engaging in a local tradition.

locks on gate in segovia

Some things are forever

Add your lock to the iron gate overlooking the aqueduct. Best to be done in the moonlight. Or in a hasty romantic gesture so you don’t miss the bus back to the train station in a pinch. It’s the thought that counts. Happy Travels!

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Maaike - Travellous World

Thursday 20th of October 2016

Must love the Spanish architecture! Thanks for sharing!


Friday 20th of May 2016

Very nice post! I haven't been to Segovia, but have been to Madrid for just a short time. This city reminds me Toledo in a way, maybe because of the old medieval look from the buildings. The cathedral looks stunning as does the aqueduct.

What did you think about roasted piglet? In Portugal we also roast and eat it and is quite tasty!

Stacey Valle

Monday 30th of March 2015

i love the architecture! it looks beautiful! I never heard of Segovia before. I'm open to trying different cities, not just the popular ones. thanks for sharing!


Sunday 29th of March 2015

Mmmm those tapas look delicious! Segovia after this post is definitely on my radar. It's beautiful and a perfect embodiment of Spanish spirit!


Sunday 29th of March 2015

Thanks for this. To be honest, I've never heard of Segovia before! We've been to Spain, but only to some parts in the south. I'll have to go back for sure - that food looks incredible.