Santo Domingo Botanical Garden

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2016)

The Santo Domingo Botanical Garden is a beautiful island of green situated in a sea of concrete.

Santo Domingo Botanical Garden
Santo Domingo Botanical Garden

When most people think of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, they come up with visions of blue ocean and white sandy beaches. Because the reason for our visit was largely work related, we had the opportunity to spend a longer time sharing the city with it’s nearly 4 million inhabitants. When walking the streets we found very few tourists. We did find a that many of the locals were welcoming and laid back. But this overall attitude does not carry over when there are wheels and a motor involved. We shared the sidewalk with motorcycles not wanting to fight the street traffic. And found that instead of yielding at stop signs the norm is to beep to warn oncoming traffic that you are heading on through.

Cactus at Santo Domingo Botanical Garden
A welcome vision of green in the city center of Santo Domingo

With all of this chaos, the soothing expanse of land that has been transformed into a botanical garden was a welcome find.

The Santo Domingo Botanical Garden’s best known and most popular feature is the Japanese Garden. Wandering to the far end of the park to enjoy the scene there is well worth the walk.

Walkway in the Japanese Garden
Walkway in the Japanese Garden
pond at Japanese Garden
Colorful red bridge over pond in the calming Japanese Garden
Tree in Japanese Garden
Tree with impressive above ground roots in the Japanese Garden

There is also a cactus garden.

Cactus Gargen
Colorful cactus in the Santo Domingo Botanical Garden

Several species of bamboo.

Bamboo grove
Cactus Gargen

Gorgeous flowering trees.

Yellow flowering tree
Yellow flowering tree

And areas that are crawling with beautiful vines vying for sunlight.

vines climbing tree
Vines climbing tree toward the sun

There are also several ponds on the property complete with resident turtles.

turtle at santo domingo botanical park
Turtle taking a sun and mud bath by the pond

It was a fantastic day and a welcome quiet relaxing day. Almost making up for the need to walk back, through all of that traffic. Ah well.

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  1. Hi, I’m from Santo Domingo DR and I came to the United States 35 years ago. I’m so happy to see other people enjoying and sharing with others the beauty of DR. Thank You:)


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