Preparing to travel around the world full-time

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2016)

Sean and I just finished selling our home, our cars, and most of our belongings.  We are now squeezed into 2 carry on bags each and are taking a few deep breaths before we venture out on our new “location independent” life-style.  As we leave Southern California behind us, we find ourselves reflecting on the things we have loved about our lives here and are feeling a tug of sadness and apprehension.sandiego Looking forward we are forced to re-evaluate our goals, expectations of ourselves and our definition of what it means to be successful in life. As a small first goal, we’ve decided that if we can spread a little joy, every day, then we will be on our way to living a life well lived. With that in mind enjoy the youtube video below. (courtesy of blogger “Where the Hell Is Matt”).  The adventure begins!

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