Playa del Carmen Restaurant Recommendations

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2019)

Good Choices Near the Condo

Las Hijas de la Tostada

This place is right on 5th Avenue about 2 blocks from the condo. It’s frequently packed with locals and tourists alike. They have fantastic ceviche and seafood tostadas. If you aren’t into ceviche, they also have a nice cooked shrimp taco with cheese (holbox taco) and fish and chips. To reach Las Hijas, exit the condo and travel left to 5th Ave. Then take a left onto 5th Ave and it will be 2 blocks on the left hand side.

500 Gramos

Great place for really good steaks at reasonable prices. This tiny restaurant has been getting a lot of buzz recently as a favorite place in Playa, and luckily they are very close by. 500 Gramos is located on 5th Ave in the small plaza on the left between 36th and 34th street.


If you are craving a little pizza or freshly made pasta — this place is for you. Salento is about 4 blocks away from the condo (this time turning to the right on 5th Ave and taking a right onto 46th street. The restaurant is on the side in about 2 1/2 blocks down. The owners are from the south of Italy and are serious about making authentic Italian dishes. Try the fettuccine with sausage and mushrooms!

Good Choices off 5th Avenue

These restaurants are a little off the beaten track, but will give you better quality for the price than restaurants that are directly on 5th Ave. Follow the links for more information and directions.

La Bamba Jaroca

Wonderful place for ceviche or, our favorite, the Cameron Cazuela. It’s a comes out in a bubbling clay pot and it chocked full of fresh tender shrimp in a delicious seafood stock along with melted cheese. La Bamba Jaroca is often packed with locals, which is always a good sign!

Don Chendo

Fantastic deep-dish style pizza and other homemade Italian dishes. These guys are very involved in the community and work on several community enrichment projects annually. They show the same type of care about their food, making Don Chendo well worth a visit.

El Fogon

They have several locations, but none of them are on 5th Ave. Here you can find our pick for the best Al Pastor taco in Playa del Carmen. They also make grilled dishes that come out on a table top grill meant to share. Try the aranchara steak, tender and delicious. This place is always smoky, hot, and full of locals. It is a really fantastic place to taste authentic Yucatan Mexican food.

Papa Charly

These guys are known mostly for their ample lunch specials. It is includes an appetizer, main course and a fresh fruit refresco. The prices and the food are equally good. Try our favorite — creamy cilantro pasta with chicken.

Carpe Diem

This is a new Turkish restaurant with a cute interior under palapa awnings. The owners are serious about their meats. You can get a great platter that will easily feed 4 for $25 here that has grilled chicken, Turkish meatballs, juicy grilled lamb, chicken skewers and chicken wings. They also have some vegetarian options.

Chiltepins Marisquillos

This is a laid back Mexican restaurant with tacos and a few other choices, including a good burger and a nicely seasoned shrimp burger.

For that Special Night Out

We love Catch because of the nice rooftop view. The service is fantastic and its a nice place for good food and a memorable night out.

Alux will give you the opportunity to dine inside of a cave, and how often do you get the chance to do that? The prices are a little high but the experience is well worth it.

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Feel free to leave recommendations of your own in the comment section for our future guests. Have a fantastic time!


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