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Georgetown Penang Street Art

Georgetown Penang Street Art

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One of our favorite things to do when exploring a new city is finding street art. The art can range from the whimsical to the political or angry – in any case, it tells a part of the story of a new destination.

One reason that we decided to spend some time in Georgetown on the Island of Penang in Malaysia was specifically to see the famed Penang street art – known for being colorful, playful, and in some cases, interactive.

Georgetown Penang Street Art

Penang Street Art

Interactive Penang Street Art

The best-known street art in Penang are works by Lithuanian-born artist Ernest Zacharevic who created the murals for the George Town Culture Festival in in 2012.

The street art depicts images of everyday life in Malaysia and many incorporate real physical objects such as a bicycle, a swing or a motorcycle.

At first glance, the physical items seem just like a 3D painted image. Viewers of the art are invited to become a part of the scene – and how can you possibly resist?

Penang Street Art

Ernest Zacharevic’s Mural of Children Playing on a Swing


Boy with Dragon

Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur – Ernest Zacharevic Penang Street Art


Penang Karate Girl

Penang’s Karate Girl


Popular Penang Street Art

Mural of Little Children Riding a Bicycle – Popular Penang Street Art Mural


Penang Boy on Chair

Penang Ernest Zacharevic Mural “Reaching Up”

Penang Ernest Zacharevic Mural “Reaching Up”Additional artists have added murals throughout the city, making finding them a popular treasure hunt for tourists.

Restaurants and hostels have jumped into the fray, creating their own murals in similar styles, so around every corner is some form of artistic expression on the walls and buildings.


Playing Hoops Mural in Penang, Malaysia


River Man Street Art

River Man Mural Penang, Malaysia

Georgetown Penang Wrought Iron Art

There are also cartoonish sculptures telling tales of the people of Georgetown done in wrought iron throughout the city. The iron sculptures were commissioned by the Penang State Government in 2009 as a celebration of the city’s earning the status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Malaysian studio SCULPTUREATWORK was awarded the contract to create the sculptures with their proposal of designing several pieces with the theme of “voices from the people”. There are currently 52 wrought iron sculptures decorating the streets of Georgetown.

Many of these sculptures highlight the part of the neighborhood where they’re located, telling some of the history of a particular street or area.

Malaysian Street Art in Wire

Georgetown Wrought Iron Street Art

Wrought Iron Street Art

Penang Street Art in Wrought Iron

Below is a map of the street art in Penang. There are also free maps available in many shops in Georgetown. There is no choice but to look like a tourist with your open map, scanning the building walls for a peek at the treasures they contain.

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Searching out the street art is one of the favorite tourist activities in the city.

Some are more difficult to find than others, but luckily there are often proud Malaysians along the route to give you a hint.

Most are quite willing to take a moment out of their day to direct you around the corner or down an alley to make sure you don’t leave Georgetown without your perfect interactive street art selfie.

And if you enjoy the street art, get ready for another treat by tucking into some of the famed street food of Malaysia. But that is another delicious story of its own (coming soon!) As if you needed another reason to visit…

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Georgetown Malaysia Street Art

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