How to Get to Know a New City – Digital Nomad Style

Bangkok Tuk Tuk

At least once a month, we pack up everything we own and move to a new city, and often a new country. Such is the life of nomads. While we love the excitement and fascination of exploring new places, figuring out a new city or town can also be frustrating. But, over a year of … Read more

How Becoming Digital Nomads Destroyed My Marriage

Digital Nomads

It was over a year ago that my husband Sean and I sold our home, quit our jobs and began traveling full-time. We were thrilled with the prospects ahead of us but very naive about the events that lay ahead. And the consequences they would have on our relationship. But, let me back up a little … Read more

How We Afford To Travel Full-time

How we afford to travel full-time

How do we afford to travel full-time? This is the question we get more than any others when we describe to people what we do. When we first announced to our family and friends that we were going to sell our home and begin traveling full-time we had a lot of mixed reactions. The most … Read more

We’ve Received the Liebster Award!

We have been nominated for the Liebster Award, which is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers. Where’s our little statuette? Well, it’s not that kind of award. What we get is that little image at the top of the post, and an opportunity to meet and interact with some other bloggers in our space. … Read more

Free Walking Tour of Quito – Start Your Visit Here

Quito Free Walking Tour

We took the Free Walking Tour about 2 weeks into our visit to Quito, Ecuador.  In retrospect we wish that it would have been our first stop.  Here’s why . . . This is as comprehensive a city tour as I have taken and paid handsomely.  For those that haven’t done a “free” walking tour … Read more

Cuenca Street Art

Cuenca Ecuador Street Art

Graffiti is ubiquitous. You’ve seen it.  Crude public bathroom scratchings, quickly sprayed tags on underpasses, scrawled political slogans suggesting revolt and revolution, artistic but quickly applied stencils and posters, and elaborate multi-colored murals.We’ve seen it in every city we’ve visited: covering the trains in Naples, Italy; on the outer walls of Rome; throughout the San … Read more

Pontone – A Walk Back In Time

My favorite day in Sorrento was a complete surprise.  I read plenty of guide books, watched all of the travel channel shows and thumbed through magazines before heading to the Almafi coast, but nothing really prepared me for Pontone. Or, more accurately, the hike to Pontone. My husband and I started out taking the ferry from … Read more

Caution: Travel Obsession

I am not a spontaneous traveler.  There, I admitted it.  The months of day dreaming, web crawling, giddy early morning and late night conversations with my husband and hours thumbing through travel guides are really a huge part of what I love about the actual trip.  No matter what dreary events I have to crawl … Read more