Cuenca Ecuador Street Art

Cuenca Street Art

Graffiti is ubiquitous. You’ve seen it.  Crude public bathroom scratchings, quickly sprayed tags on underpasses, scrawled political slogans suggesting revolt and revolution, artistic but quickly applied stencils and posters, and elaborate multi-colored murals.We’ve seen it in every city we’ve visited: covering the trains in Naples, Italy; on the outer walls of Rome; throughout the San […]
Cuenca Ecuador Church

Things We Love About…Cuenca, Ecuador

Stunning Architecture As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Cuenca has well preserved colonial architecture, and the sheer scope and detail of the buildings, particularly the churches, are incredible.   Jogging Paths Four rivers run through Cuenca: the Tomebamba, Yanuncay, Tarqui and Machangara. There are numerous parks throughout the City and whole sections of the rivers have […]

Size Matters – The luggage debate.

When you’re selling almost all of your stuff and preparing to travel the world, there are many, many discussions as a couple — many excited, some fearful, some funny. The inevitable one, however, is the “Luggage Discussion.” Here’s an excerpt: Sean: So, we need to start deciding on our bags for the trip Jen: I’m […]

Preparing to travel around the world full-time

Sean and I just finished selling our home, our cars, and most of our belongings.  We are now squeezed into 2 carry on bags each and are taking a few deep breaths before we venture out on our new “location independent” life-style.  As we leave Southern California behind us, we find ourselves reflecting on the […]
on February 19, 2014

Ahhh Belize

When we first arrived on the Island of Ambergis Caye, Belize we met a man who was lounging lazily by the pool.  He asked if it were our first trip to the Island.  When we admitted that it was, he said “It won’t be your last.”  Wise man. What’s to like? Ambergris Caye The laid […]

Hiking Yosemite

One of our favorite hikes in Yosemite is up the Mist Trail, which is one of the ways to get to Half Dome. It’s exhilarating to climb the slippery steps (maybe a little more fun on the way up than on the way down). We typically hike to the base of Half Dome, look up at […]

Pontone – A Walk Back In Time

My favorite day in Sorrento was a complete surprise.  I read plenty of guide books, watched all of the travel channel shows and thumbed through magazines before heading to the Almafi coast, but nothing really prepared me for Pontone. Or, more accurately, the hike to Pontone. My husband and I started out taking the ferry from […]
on November 12, 2013

Caution: Travel Obsession

I am not a spontaneous traveler.  There, I admitted it.  The months of day dreaming, web crawling, giddy early morning and late night conversations with my husband and hours thumbing through travel guides are really a huge part of what I love about the actual trip.  No matter what dreary events I have to crawl […]
on November 11, 2013

Thailand -Should I Confess?

As a preamble, and like in so many stories that are predicated by sound decision making, I need to explain the Chang Rating System that was devised by my husband and me during our trip to Thailand.  As anyone who has traveled to Thailand will explain, one of the many wonders of the area is […]
on November 10, 2013