Wine Tasting in Umbria, Italy

Wine Tasting in Umbria

Tuscany gets all the press when it comes to Italian wine. The super-tuscans and brunellos are some of the most well known, and often the most expensive, Italian wines. Next door, the region of Umbria, however, has a long history of cultivating grapes and producing wine. And here’s the secret, they are often available at far … Read more

Bologna Italy Food Tour – Taste Bologna

Bologna Food Tour

When we decided to take a trip to Bologna, Italy the first thing we did was seek out a food tour. It’s a great way to get an introduction to a new place by a foodie expert (so you will already know where to find all of those off the beaten track best places to … Read more

Walks of Italy: The Best Food Tour in Rome

Walks of Italy Food Tour

When we first arrived at this Walks of Italy food tour, the guide gave us a warning. “You are going to be eating a lot on the tour. And drinking a lot of wine – which I think is ok, because you are also going to be walking a lot.” She scanned the crowd – “there aren’t … Read more

Mexican Caesar Salad with Cilantro Lime and Pepitas

Mexican Caesar

Fans of Caesar salad may be surprised to learn that this classic dish was actually invented in Mexico. The chef was actually an immigrant from Italy who was working in Tijuana during the time of prohibition. So while the dish may have originated in Mexico, the Caesar salad is not really traditional Mexican fare. Our … Read more

Taipei Cooking Class and Market Tour

Taipei Taiwan Cooking Class

While there were many reasons that we were looking forward to our first trip to Taipei, Taiwan, one very specific reason topped the list. During the very beginning of our stay we signed up for a Taiwan cooking class where we were going to learn to make one of our favorite dishes. Xiao Long Bao … Read more

Playa del Carmen Restaurant Recommendations

Playa del Carmen Recommendations

Good Choices Near the Condo Las Hijas de la Tostada This place is right on 5th Avenue about 2 blocks from the condo. It’s frequently packed with locals and tourists alike. They have fantastic ceviche and seafood tostadas. If you aren’t into ceviche, they also have a nice cooked shrimp taco with cheese (holbox taco) … Read more

Top Things to do in Rome for Foodies

Rome for Foodies

Rome is a wonderful city that has plenty to offer all kinds of visitors, including people who are food fans. If you are planning a visit to the city, we strongly suggest that you add a few of the ideas below to your itinerary. Enjoy a Guided Food Walk Combining a walk with tasting local … Read more



After five years of full-time travel, we have covered a lot of territory! Here is our collection of articles about our adventures and interesting experiences and people that we have encountered along the way. It is our hope to help our readers find a new location or off the beaten track activity to improve your … Read more

Travel Resources

Travel Resources

Our collection of posts to help you travel less expensively and more comfortably based on our years of traveling full-time.  Do You Need Proof of Onward Travel? How We Save Thousands on Airfare   Language Learning on a Budget How We Afford to Travel Full-Time Getting to Know a New City Digital Nomad Style The … Read more