Our Addiction to Airbnb

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2016)

When we decided to take the leap and begin traveling full-time we had plenty of apprehensions, not the least being how we were going to find places to stay.  We knew we wanted to stay in short-term apartments to save money, to allow us to cook at home (which we love) and to help us avoid travel fatigue. Enter our new friend, Airbnb: on-line shopping for short-term housing around the world.  You can find anything from shared rooms (not our thing) to whole houses for rent by owners. Some people rent out their homes while they are away, and others use Airbnb as a platform for a full-time business renting out investment properties.  We have found some great apartments and have met some really wonderful hosts during our travels.  Also, we can read reviews from people who have stayed in the properties and use google maps to virtually “drive by” the property and check out the neighborhood in advance.  Brilliant.  And it keeps us on track with our budget, since we can filter our searches by rate.  Airbnb also allows you to search by property features, such as our “must haves” – minimum 1BR, washing machine,  high speed internet.  Here are some of the places where we have stayed so far:

Cuenca, Ecuador

We stayed in Natalie’s one bedroom apartment for a month.  Wonderful area – we felt very safe walking all over Cuenca and really loved shopping at the markets.  Here are links to articles that we wrote about our time there.

Rooftop view from our Cuenca apartment

Things We Love About Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Street Art

Cuenca Side Trip – El Cajas National Park

Quito, Ecuador

Our stylish Quito apartment

Our apartment in Quito was owned by Juan and was located upstairs from his home in a really nice area of Quito.  It has a private entrance and probably the best imaginable views of the city (keep in mind that “great view” also equals “top of a big hill”).  We needed to use taxis to get around which we found was advisable at night anyway.  These are out posts about Quito:

Weekend in Quito – El Ejido Art Fair

Free Walking Tour of Quito – Start Your Visit Here

Santa Semana – Easter Procession in Quito

Medellin, Colombia

The evening view from our Medellin balcony

We stayed in Medellin for about 5 weeks at Johan’s apartment in a high-rise complex.  The apartment is a 2 BR 2 Bath with amazing views.  Again amazing views means up on top of a huge hill – which wasn’t a problem because there is a bus that leaves about every 15 minutes right outside the building.  Great host and amazing stay there.  Here are our posts from Medellin:

A Day in Medellin Colombia

Parque El Salado – Medellin Off the Beaten Track

Medellin Colombia Botanical Park

Soaring above Medellin – A Paragliding Adventure

Our addiction continues — we’ve already booked places for our next destinations: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; Lisbon, Portugal; Porto, Portugal; Madrid, Spain; Athens, Greece . . .to be continued!

Airbnb also has a program allowing users to get credit for referring others.  If you use our Airbnb link for your first stay, we both receive a credit.

We will be posting an updated resource list with other ideas about finding short-term housings, discount airfares and other tips that we pick up along the way.  Feel free to add your comments and and budget travel advice to share the wealth.

Happy Travels!

Feel free to leave your travel tips and recommendations.  Happy Venturing!

Some of the links on this article are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase, we receive a small referral fee. If you find the links useful and do make a purchase, thanks so much for your support!

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  1. Nice! A friend of mine made a fortune on a rental she couldn’t otherwise fill with Air BnB. Hopefully we get out of the country here soon and can try it ourselves =]

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