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Mai Chau Ecolodge – Sustainability and Luxury in Vietnam

Mai Chau Ecolodge – Sustainability and Luxury in Vietnam

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This was the Vietnam I had dreamed about seeing – only just a little bit better. Mai Chau Valley is in the Northern providence of Vietnam, about a three-hour van ride from where we were staying in Hanoi.

Most of the people who traveled with us in the van were doing a day trip to the area, cycling around the rice paddies, and shopping for locally produced handicrafts.

We opted instead to stay overnight at the Mai Chau Ecolodge and get a well-deserved break from the chaos of Hanoi. (You can understand what I mean by checking out the Hanoi Vietnam Street Eats tour we did while we were there).

We discovered our mistake even as we were just approaching the property – we were only going to be staying for one night. That was not going to be enough.

Mai Chau Ecolodge

Our first glimpse at the Ecolodge overlooking a rice paddy.

This concern was confirmed as we got a better look around.

Mai Chau Ecolodge

The lodge prides itself on using locally sourced, sustainable products in constructing the property. Everything is landscaped using native plants and the lodge itself practically melts into its surroundings.

Mai Chau Ecolodge Pool

The Ecolodge Pool

There are no TVs in the rooms at this property – the idea is to enjoy the natural surroundings and unplug. And we proceeded to do just that. (Although the lodge does provide Wi-Fi access, in truth, we weren’t completely unplugged).

Northern Vietnam Butterflies

There are butterflies everywhere you look enjoying the natural landscape

We were already feeling relaxed as we made our way to our room, where we were in for a few surprises.

Mai Chau Ecolodge outdoor shower


Ecolodge balcony with a view


Private Plunge Pool

Mai Chau Valley Ecolodge Room

Mai Chau Valley Ecolodge Room


Large Wooden Bathtub at the Vietnam Ecolodge

Luxury Meets Sustainability in Northern Vietnam

The view of the rice paddies and surrounding mountains was picture-perfect. Being able to watch the farmers in the field harvesting the rice was the Vietnam that we pictured in our minds before traveling here. It felt like we had truly arrived.

We were first swept away by the landscape, and then completely blown away by the room. Not sure which I was looking forward to the most.

Having a quiet sleep in the huge bed, taking a dip in the private plunge pool overlooking the rice field, rinsing off in the outdoor shower, or possibly bathing in the enormous wooden tub. Decisions, decisions…

Rice Paddy

Worker in the Rice Paddy

However, the best part of this little mini vacation was yet to come. The next day, after we had enjoyed some Vietnamese cuisine in Mai Chau’s Restaurant and watched a local dance demonstration in the lodge, we were able to spend some time exploring local daily life in the village.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

The lodge provides bikes so that you can ride to do a self (or guided) tour of the villages. Here the locals waved to us as we rode past them and their happily grazing water buffalo in the fields.

We saw lots of locally produced handicrafts (such as intricately hand-woven scarves and purses). Our added treat was being invited to spend the afternoon with a farmer and his wife and cook lunch together in their home.

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Mai Chau Ecolodge Vietnam

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A special thank you to the Mai Chau Ecolodge for hosting our stay. Our opinions remain our own

footnotes and finds

Tuesday 17th of November 2015

wow such beautiful photos , seems like such a lovely place to stay!


Tuesday 17th of November 2015

It really is!


Monday 16th of November 2015

Wow this place looks nice for sure, loving that bathtub made of wood and those views, a completely relaxing stay I'm sure. I have to get to these less visited parts of Vietnam


Tuesday 17th of November 2015

I highly recommend it!


Monday 16th of November 2015

Those landscapes and views are sublime. Looks like a perfect spot to meditate, journal and just let it all soak it.

Meg Jerrard

Monday 16th of November 2015

The first photo of the resort pool literally made me want to jump on a plane right now! I love the fact that they force you to unplug - really makes you appreciate the experience much more than when your mind is wandering back and forth from device to another device! And the amount of nature you can obviously explore and enjoy from the site you probably don't have time for tech anyway!

Jolanta | Casual Travelers

Sunday 15th of November 2015

Looks like a really lovely place! Thank you for sharing your photos. I must say I really love the bathtub though I wonder how ecological it is, unless the tree was cut down by someone else. The spring rolls look yummy too!