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Lose Yourself At The Springs Spa Costa Rica

Lose Yourself At The Springs Spa Costa Rica

No visit to the Arenal Volcano region of Costa Rica is complete without a visit to the naturally heated volcanic hot springs. We chose The Springs Spa for our thermal pool experience. There are quite a few hotels and spas in La Fortuna you can choose from at all price ranges.

There are day spas where you can mingle with the locals and soak away for about $8.00 a day, or others that offer luxury full service spa experiences such as a jungle chocolate message. All of them have water heated geothermally from the earth’s crust and pumped into pools with temperatures ranging from in the 80’s to over 150 degrees F in some spas.

We decided on a place where we could find a large number of pools to sample at a price range that worked for us. It was also important that we had access to a restaurants since we planned to spend the day, and we hoped that it wouldn’t be too crowded.

Losing Ourselves At the Springs

Losing Ourselves at The Springs Spa

The winner for us: The Springs Resort and Spa.

The Springs Resort and Spa Costa Rica

The Springs Spa Costa Rica

Relaxing Warm Waterfall Pool

Relaxing Warm Waterfall

The property has 18 different pools ranging from 83 degrees F to 104 degrees F – warm enough to relax without turning us into tourist soup.

Springs Spa Pool Costa Rica

So Many Pools It’s Hard To Choose


Beautiful Scenery Everywhere You Look

The property is huge and during the day we were able to find hidden spots where we were relatively alone.

Isolated Pool at the Springs Spa Costa Rica

Isolated Pool at the Springs Spa Costa Rica

We soaked and relaxed all day, and even ducked under a palm leaf during an intermittent rain storm that passed by.

Hiding Out From The Rain

Hiding Out From The Rain

96 Degree Pool in the Jungle

96 Degree Pool in the Jungle

Perfectly Secluded

Perfectly Secluded

The property even has a wild life preserve where they house injured or abused animals who are unable to return to the wild.

Toucan in Springs Spa Animal Rescue

Toucan in The Springs Spa Animal Rescue

Costa Rican Sloth

Costa Rican Sloth

There is even a river that runs through the property for tubing or kayaking.

Kayakers at the Springs

Kayakers on the River Running Through the Springs Resort

The Springs Resort and Spa was holding a special and we were able to get a 2 day pass for $60 each. Not bad.

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While we can’t compare with other Hot Springs in Arenal we can certainly say that if you decide to spend a day here you will not be disappointed! 

Pura Vida!

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