THE WYLD – A Show to Thrill the Senses in Berlin

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2016)

Photo Credit: Robert Grischek

We don’t often go to shows, but decided to sneak away and take the afternoon off during a recent trip to Berlin. The show was called “THE WYLD”, a production at the Friedrichstadt-Palast theatre. Advertisements all over town featured what looked like 2 white aliens in bejeweled costumes. As you can imagine, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. And even after we saw the show it’s not easy to describe what we saw. Think part Vegas extravaganza, part circus and a musical with aerial acrobatics all coming together under one unifying theme. It was, in a word, stunning. As each scene or vignette went by, I found myself wondering “what can they come up with next to outdo that?” By the end, my heart was beating, my eyes were wide with wonder and my palms were sweating. The WYLD production is a wild, wild ride.

The WYLD Marlene
Photo Credit: Tamás Hári

The show featured acrobats, singers, dancers, musicians all in elaborate costumes. There was a light show, platforms that floated through the air and a stage that seemed to change shape at a whim. We were never quite sure was coming next – or where it would be coming from.

Palast Berlin
Photo Credit: Robert Grischek

The whole production was unapologetically over the top. Its creation was inspired as a homage to the vibrancy and energy of Berlin. Every detail was incredibly exact, eye-popping and surprising at the same time. And very Berlin!

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WYLD Show Berlin
Photo Credit: Robert Grischek

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WYLD Drag Queen
Photo Credit: Robert Grischek


Spending an afternoon with artists from around the world at the very top of their game was truly inspirational in itself. Like watching the Olympics Vegas style! But no matter how much stretching I do, I’ll never get my leg to go over my head and around my neck like some of the performers did so effortlessly. Although, how many of us, like me, left the show wondering – if I skipped the beer and schnitzel and started doing a few thousand sit ups every day, could I possibly pull off one of those costumes? Let’s be honest – some things are best left to the experts. The brewhaus is calling my name!

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Photo Credit: Tamás Hári

Pro Tip: You can order food and drinks at any of the bars prior to the show to be ready at a reserved table during intermission. Genuis!

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A special thank you to Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin who hosted us for the show. As always, our opinions are our own.

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