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Five Reasons to Visit Naples Italy

Five Reasons to Visit Naples Italy

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Fellow traveler Paolo Barissano offers up his reasons why we should have considered a visit to Naples during our last trip to Italy. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it that time, but a visit to the city is definitely on our wish list.

We have some mixed reviews about Naples. First, it has a grittier side, but also some of the most important historical sites in Italy.

Second, while most Italians will tell you that their own region has the best food, wherever we traveled in Italy, Naples was always named the place with the very best pizza.

Here are Paolo’s 5 top reasons we have blown it so far by not visiting Naples.

Why Visit Naples?

If you are planning a trip to Italy, there are many possible choices. But, if you want a bit of help, I recommend you go to Naples, in the south of Italy. In case you need some convincing, just check out the next 5 reasons to do so:

1. The Food

Naples Pizza

Naples Pizza   Credit

Of course, food in Naples, like in every other city in Italy, is a major thing. If you love Italian food and you can’t get enough of it, visiting Naples will make you very happy. There are hundreds of restaurants where you will find a seriously impressive variation of pasta dishes and other Neapolitan recipes you most probably have never heard of before. And what can be said about the pizzas you can find in Naples? Simply the best.

2. The Sights

Mount Vesuvius over Pompeii

Now dormant Mount Vesuvius in the distance is a reminder of what Pompeii faced

Every city in Italy has something to offer, but Naples can only be described as a complete masterpiece. There are two very important and beautiful castles in the middle of the city, the Maschio Angioino and the Castel Dell’Ovo.

Both are well worth a visit. Then there is the large and gorgeous Piazza Plebiscito, one of the biggest squares in the whole of Italy, and many great museums such as the Capodimonte where you can find masterpieces from various centuries.

3. The Seaside

Naples Seaside View    Credit

Whether you decide to visit it during the summer or winter, the seaside in Naples is one of the most breathtaking views in the city. From there you will see the beautiful sea and the impressive Vesuvius volcano from afar.

4. The Amazingly Warm Inhabitants

In case you don’t speak Italian, you most probably are thinking you won’t be able to communicate with locals in Naples. Even if many of them aren’t very good at speaking English, you can rest assured they will find a way to communicate with you.

Naples has some of the warmest and nicest inhabitants of the whole world and you will feel the love for sure.

5. The Island of Capri

Island of Capri

Island of Capri

Do yourself a favor and visit during the summer. If you do, you can’t waste the opportunity to visit the nearby island of Capri. You can take a quick ferry ride and have enough time to enjoy the best sea in the whole of Italy.

Capri is a very charming and characteristic island that oozes sophistication.

Those are just five reasons to visit Naples, but there are many more. Why not consider a visit and discover them yourself?

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About the Author:

Paolo Barissano operates the B&B al Centro Storico in the historic centre of Naples. Paolo has a university degree in Tourism Management, and likes traveling, playing the guitar and swimming.

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