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Cooking Lisbon Cooking Class: Deliciously Fun

Cooking Lisbon Cooking Class: Deliciously Fun

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Sean and I recently took a cooking class with Cooking Lisbon and found we came out with a lot more than full stomachs and a handful of recipes.  

We met some wonderful people, got some great travel advice, and learned things about the food and culture of Lisbon that made us feel more connected to the place.  We found the experience well worth the price of admission! 

We chose Cooking Lisbon based on some good reviews on Trip Advisor.

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Lisbon Portugal Cooking Class

Well, also because for what seemed to be a lower price than some of the other cooking classes in the area — we’d be getting a longer class and preparing just as much food. It’s hard to argue with more for less.

We had a great time and met some wonderful new friends at Cooking Lisbon in Portugal.

When we arrived we were greeted by co-owner Luis and Chef Isabel and introduced to the rest of the class (travelers from Spain and Canada).  After walking through the menu for the evening we started sipping wine and were given cooking instructions by the Chef.  

It was fun swapping travel stories with the others in the group and getting some advice about things to do in the places that we were planning to visit down the road.

We also got wonderful tips about what to do on our first trip to the Lisbon, which was all very helpful. Chef Isabel did a great job of keeping us on task when we got distracted chatting with the other guests.

Chorizo Asado

Chorizo Assado

The format of the class is hands-on — we chopped, sliced, and cooked ourselves (under the watchful eye of Chef Isabel) instead of just passively watching a cooking presentation.

While we worked, Luis grilled sausage on a ceramic table grill called an assaduoro. If only I had room in my suitcase for one of these!

When we took a break to sample the sausage he also treated us to a tasting of Portuguese olive oils.

We also discussed wine — Portugal produces an amazing array of good, inexpensive wines, but in our experience, it is difficult to find a lot of Portuguese wines in the United States.

According to Luis, winemakers in Portugal need to relabel their bottles before exporting to the United States to comply with U.S. law (i.e., indicating they should not be consumed by pregnant women).

Women in many other countries don’t require the same notification and thus much of the wine gets exported to other regions instead.

The rest of the menu includes:

Algarve Style Cuttlefish Stew,  made in a traditional (cataplana) pot.

Cooking Lisbon Cuttle Fish

Cuttle fish stew


Cuttlefish Stew

Cuttlefish stew layered with potatoes

Portuguese Style Stewed Pork with Fried Potatoes

Portuguese Spiced Pork

Portuguese Spiced Pork

Farófias – “Clouds” in a custard sauce.


We finished off with a sample of Ginja – a Portuguese liqueur made from sour cherries, which is often served in a chocolate cup.

Luis also sent us off with great recommendations about places to go in Lisbon during our stay.

Cooking Lisbon Portugal

We had a great time and made some wonderful friends at Cooking Lisbon in Portugal

So if you do go to Lisbon, I highly recommend taking a class with Cooking Lisbon.  

They also do a market tour and a pastry class, where you can learn how to make the famous Pasteis De Nata (egg custard tart). We make it a habit of taking a cooking class in every new big city we visit.  

It’s a great introduction to a new place and an experience we rarely regret.  Except for Sean . . .who usually eats all of his food and 1/2 of mine (every single time).

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Friday 27th of May 2016

Excellent way to try Portuguese food! I love all of those dishes that you've made :D

One thing I miss from Portugal is the cheap and good wine. You can almost close your eyes and choose a bottle at random and it will be good.


Saturday 14th of February 2015

I just love doing cooking classes wherever we go. Not only can you find traditional meals that they may not serve in restaurants, but as you said, it's a great way to meet new people - who all love food! We are in Portugal at the moment so I know what you mean about the amazing cheap Portuguese wine - don't think we've had a bad bottle yet!


Saturday 14th of February 2015

Have a great time in Portugal - we loved it there! And I agree about the wine (what was better, the price or the flavor....hmmm)


Thursday 29th of January 2015

Cool experience! I might do a cooking class when visiting Morocco in March. Nice to see that you're trying to do one in every big city you go to, it's a great way to get to know the local cuisine and some fellow travellers!