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Celebrating Spring with Festivals in Prague

Celebrating Spring with Festivals in Prague

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Ditch the heavy jacket, spring is here! After a cold dreary Czech winter, it’s time to party in Prague. 

We were lucky enough to be in Prague in May and join in on the fun – and there was lots to be had: festivals of all sorts were happening around the city during our stay. We tried to take part in as many as we could.

The Prague Beer Festival

Prague Beer Festival

Prague Beer Festival

You can’t spend any amount of time in Prague and not taste some of the wonderful handcrafted beer here. One of the best places to sample a bunch of varieties all in one place is at the Prague Beer Festival.

There was no way we could skip this event, which takes place over two weeks in May.

The beer hall was tucked away under a huge tent on a field on Letna Park by the Sparta stop in Prague 7. When we first arrived I wondered, “Is this the right place?”

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Spring in Prague


But after walking through the entry there was no doubt that we had found the right place.

The tent was packed beer hall-style with benches and tables, with dozens of taps of specialty beers dotting the perimeter.  While sampling some local brews, we also tried some artisan food from one of the many food stands set up by local restaurants under the tent.

Chef Steven Trumpfheller, owner and chef at restaurant U Emy Destinnové served us grilled swordfish, octopus salad, and an amazing chocolate mousse. Not a bad way to enjoy a Spring day (or any day for that matter).

Cheesecake Festival

Bite-Sized Samples at the Prague Cheesecake Festival

Bite-Sized Samples at the Prague Cheesecake Festival

What happens when the best dessert and pastry chefs in the city all get together and ask you to taste their treats and decide whose is the best? A cheesecake festival is now an annual event in Prague.

The event was tucked away in an out-of-the-way warehouse area, and I hesitated a little looking around wondering if we hadn’t wandered into an auto body shop.

Prague Cheesecake Festival Sign

The venue was a funky converted building that operates as an “open office” – a co-working space offering WiFi and coffee. For this event, the place had been taken over by bakers giving out samples of their cheesecake, with hopes to be crowned festival champion.

We offered up our palettes (and stomachs) for the cause, and our favorite surprised us: a vegan raw cheesecake with a list of ingredients that I can’t recall. None of them sounded like they would work separately at all, but together, magic.

Too pretty to eat - I think not!

Too pretty to eat – I think not!

Prague Vietnamese Festival

Vendors at the Prague Vietnamese Festival

Vendors at the Prague Vietnamese Festival

This one surprised me. But after learning a little about Czech history it made perfect sense. While under communist rule, a worker exchange program with Viet Nam allowed workers to easily travel between communist nations.

Over time the thriving Vietnamese community has grown here. And with it, they have brought their traditions, and, to our delight, their food. Which they shared with us in large portions at the festival.

There were long lines, but to be rewarded with the best Banh Mi sandwich you have ever eaten? The wait was definitely worth it.

Prague Vietnamese Festival Bahn Mi

Prague Vietnamese Festival Bahn Mi

Bahn Mi

Bahn Mi

Prague Saturday Farmer’s Market

Prague Saturday Farmer's Market

Prague Saturday Farmer’s Market

If there is any doubt about the Czech love of the outdoors and food, lay it to rest right here. The Náplavka Market is held on the riverfront of the Vltava River every Saturday.

It’s packed with local artisans offering up fresh-grown vegetables, locally produced beer and wine, and lots of freshly prepared food.

I wish I had another stomach and a month’s worth of Saturdays to come back again and again. If you only have one weekend in Prague, don’t miss this market which draws visitors and locals alike.

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We thank our friends at JayWay Travel, who specialize in organizing custom tours through Central and Eastern Europe. They helped us find many of the events we took part in and made our time in Prague a spectacular success.


Monday 6th of July 2015

The combination of a cheesecake festival and a Vietnamese food festival has been utterly captivated! It's like my two favourite things in one gorgeous city -and that strawberry cheesecake looks phenomenal.


Sunday 5th of July 2015

I still haven't made it to Prague, but you had me at beer and cheesecake! I think that may have pushed Prague even higher on the to do list.

Eric Stoen

Saturday 4th of July 2015

This is great! I have foodie kids and just read the list to them. No beer obviously, but we'd be up for attending the cheesecake and Vietnamese festivals, and farmer's markets are always a sure thing. I've bookmarked this for when we're in Prague - hopefully next year.

Gemma Two Scots Abroad

Saturday 4th of July 2015

Ahh, they are all food and drink related. I need to get my phat ass to that cheesecake festival. Very jealous!

Wandering Carol

Saturday 4th of July 2015

I spent two summers in Prague studying writing. It was a wonderful chance to get to know Prague. As I didn't go to a single festival, I now realize I don't know it as well as I thought I did! Sounds fun.