Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese and Orange Zest Frosting

Receta Pastel de Zanahoria

Carrot cake is probably one of our all-time favorite cakes. Maybe the idea of a cake that contains a high amount of vegetables gives the impression of a healthy snack rather than a dessert. As you can see from the nutritional information, the carrots don’t do a lot to offset the sugar and butter. But … Read more

Homemade Cheesecake Graham Cracker Ice Cream (No-Churn)

No Churn Ice Cream Recipe

Good news! It’s perfectly possible to make smooth creamy homemade ice cream, without an ice cream machine or manual churning. That’s right, no chunks of ice or runny liquid, or the need to track down a bag of rock salt.   The secret is using a can of sweet condensed milk. Better yet, this recipe … Read more

Baked Apples with Rolled Oats and Dried Fruit Topping

Baked Apple with Fruit and Rolled Oat Topping

There are several things that I love about this easy baked apple recipe. First, it’s so simple to make – so much so that it’s a fun recipe to make with kids! It reminds me of fun fall days, picking apples with my family with leaves turning yellow, brown and red on the trees all … Read more

Walnut-Stuffed Figs with Coconut and Chocolate

Walnut Stuffed Fig

Figs, for some reason, have always been a little difficult for me to find. They seem popular during Christmas time, but even then if I was planning to use them for a recipe I always had to hunt around the supermarket to locate any. Why is it that this time they next to the maple … Read more

Brazilian Truffles – Chocolate Brigadeiro

Brazilian Truffles Brigadeiro

Brigadeiros are a favorite dessert treat in Brazil. You can find them in stores, restaurants, vendor carts on the street and in homes throughout the country. These lovely chocolate truffles are sweet perfection in three simple ingredients. There are several variations of Brazil’s beloved truffle, but the most common preparation being a cocoa truffle rolled … Read more

Bunet – Cocoa and Amaretti Pudding


Bunet is an Italian Dessert made with cocoa and Amaretti (Italian almond flavored biscuits). The recipe is from the Piedmont Region of Italy and comes courtesy of Chef Daniel Toniolo. He made this dessert for us during one of his Cook And Meet dinner parties that he holds in his home in Prague. This thick baked pudding … Read more

Tiramisu – Delicious and Easy to Make

Tiramisu Recipe

This recipe comes courtesy of Eating Italy from their “Cooking with Nonna” class. The impressive smooth and creamy dessert is packed with flavor without being too sweet – and is so easy to make. Enjoy while day-dreaming about your trip to Rome and planning visit with Nonna and the gang at Eating Italy. Related Stories Where to eat in … Read more