Tagliatelle All’ Arancia

tagliatelle pasta with orange sauce

We were introduced to this dish, translated to Orange Tagliatelle, during a cooking party in Prague. The host, Daniele Toniolo, is an Italian Chef who hosts a Cook And Meet event every Thursday evening. Guests pay a fee in order to participate and indulge in Daniele’s hospitality, the imported foods from his travels to Italy, and his … Read more

Join the Party – Dining with Locals in Prague

Cheese and stuffed peppers

One of the things about traveling for an extended period of time is that you miss out on the things “normal” people do. Getting together with friends, making dinner and having a few drinks, that sort of thing. What if there was a way to get invited to a dinner party, with great people and delicious … Read more

Saltimbocca alla Romana


This recipe comes courtesy of our friends at Eating Italy. We made it during our a cooking class while we in Rome – Cooking With Nonna (Grandmother). The name of the dish translates loosely to “Jump In Your Mouth” celebrating the full flavors of this dish. A few additional Italian inspired recipes you might enjoy! … Read more

Tossa De Mar Fisherman’s Stew

Cimi I Tomba

 CIM I TOMBA  This dish has its origins in Tossa De Mar, a small community in the Costa Brava Region of Spain. Fisherman who needed to stay at sea for several days would prepare this dish with the leftover pieces and parts of the fish from their catch. The dishes Spanish name (Cim I Tomba) … Read more

Victoria Restaurant – Tossa De Mar, Spain

Tossa De Mar Castle

Sometimes a restaurant can be less about the food and more about the view. But, when you can get a wonderful sea view AND great food – that’s pure heaven. We had such a dining experience at the Victoria Restaurant and Hotel in Tossa Del Mar on the Costa Brava region of Spain. Here are a few … Read more

The Best Street Food I Ever Ate

Greek Souvlaki

We always say that there’s no better way to explore a place than by sampling its food, and in particular, the street food popular with the locals. While we definitely have our go-to favorites, we thought we’d ask the experts about their favorite street foods. Which experts, do you ask? Other travel nuts like us, in … Read more

Walks of Italy: The Best Food Tour in Rome

Walks of Italy Food Tour

When we first arrived at this Walks of Italy food tour, the guide gave us a warning. “You are going to be eating a lot on the tour. And drinking a lot of wine – which I think is ok, because you are also going to be walking a lot.” She scanned the crowd – “there aren’t … Read more

Spaghetti with Pancetta, Pecorino and Arugula

Spaghetti Pancetta

This is a fun, easy adaptable recipe inspired by our time in Italy. The key is to use just a few ingredients and make sure that they are fresh and full of flavor. We chose Pancetta bacon because it’s easy to find and inexpensive in Italy, but crumbled bacon would work too. Pecorino cheese is … Read more

You Should “Devour Barcelona”

Spanish Tapas

There are tons of restaurants in Barcelona, Spain – and a lot of them are very good. You could take the most popular choice and wade through the crowds of tourists on La Rambla in order to wait in line for a plate of paella. But we suggest a different food experience that will bring … Read more

Tiramisu – Delicious and Easy to Make

Tiramisu Recipe

This recipe comes courtesy of Eating Italy from their “Cooking with Nonna” class. The impressive smooth and creamy dessert is packed with flavor without being too sweet – and is so easy to make. Enjoy while day-dreaming about your trip to Rome and planning visit with Nonna and the gang at Eating Italy. Related Stories Where to eat in … Read more