Getting A Taste For Budapest

Danube River, Budapest, Hungary

Have you ever eaten chocolate spiked with tarragon? Or gone to a restaurant where you get a canister of carbonated water that you are supposed to use to mix with your wine? Or eaten cottage cheese covered with chocolate? Then you haven’t been to Budapest. And until recently, neither had I. A Walking Food Tour of Budapest … Read more

Hungry in Hungary? Traditional Cooking in Budapest

Chef Parade Budapest

Before heading to Budapest for the first time, I decided to track down a cooking class. This wasn’t unusual in itself. It’s always a good way to learn about the culture and the food in a new place (and get great restaurant recommendations from the chef – they always know where to eat). But in … Read more

Getting the Best Tastes of Prague in a Day


In my opinion, there are a few elements that are necessary to have a fantastic day in a new place. The first includes being able to get out on foot, and take in the sights and sounds to get a feel of the destination. Next, I like to find some of the food that the … Read more

Join the Party – Dining with Locals in Prague

Cheese and stuffed peppers

One of the things about traveling for an extended period of time is that you miss out on the things “normal” people do. Getting together with friends, making dinner and having a few drinks, that sort of thing. What if there was a way to get invited to a dinner party, with great people and delicious … Read more

The Best Street Food I Ever Ate

Greek Souvlaki

We always say that there’s no better way to explore a place than by sampling its food, and in particular, the street food popular with the locals. While we definitely have our go-to favorites, we thought we’d ask the experts about their favorite street foods. Which experts, do you ask? Other travel nuts like us, in … Read more

Walks of Italy: The Best Food Tour in Rome

Walks of Italy Food Tour

When we first arrived at this Walks of Italy food tour, the guide gave us a warning. “You are going to be eating a lot on the tour. And drinking a lot of wine – which I think is ok, because you are also going to be walking a lot.” She scanned the crowd – “there aren’t … Read more

You Should “Devour Barcelona”

Spanish Tapas

There are tons of restaurants in Barcelona, Spain – and a lot of them are very good. You could take the most popular choice and wade through the crowds of tourists on La Rambla in order to wait in line for a plate of paella. But we suggest a different food experience that will bring … Read more

Where to Eat in Rome? In The Kitchen – Cooking With Nonna!

Cooking With Nonna

There is no other experience in Rome that will leave you walking away from the table, over-stuffed and happy, with the sensation that you had been on the receiving end of a huge Italian hug, than Cooking with Nonna. For this one evening, no matter where you grew up, you are part of Nonna’s big Italian family. And … Read more

Madrid Tapas Cooking Class

Madrid Tapas Cooking Class

Madrid, Spain’s cuisine is best known for its tapas. Friendly little bars throughout the city offer up small plates with various snacks to go with your drink. They range from a simple bowl of potato chips or olives to a more substantial wedge of Spanish Tortilla (a sort of omelette most commonly made with egg, … Read more

Cooking Lisbon Cooking Class: Deliciously Fun

Lisbon Cooking Class

Sean and I recently took a cooking class with Cooking Lisbon and found we came out with a lot more than full stomachs and a handful of recipes.  We met some wonderful people, got some great travel advice and learned things about the food and culture of Lisbon that made us feel more connected to the … Read more