A Foodie’s Night Out in Cusco Peru

Amuse Bouch of Fish on served on corn husk

Today I had my first taste of guinea pig, and almost set myself on fire. The guinea pig, or “cuy” as it is known in Peru, wasn’t a surprise. I knew I was likely going to be presented with a taste after reading about the cooking class we were taking. Lots of local delicacies in the form of … Read more

Cusco: The Gateway to Machu Picchu

Cusco Peru

Let me be controversial: Machu Picchu is not the most impressive place to visit in Peru. I spent four days hiking the Inca Trail hike to the lost city of the Incas, and I can absolutely recommend the experience. But in the end, some of the most remarkable sights in the area were on the streets and the surrounding … Read more

How to Party Like A Local In Lima Peru

Lima Peru Street Food

Just like many cities, there are several versions of Lima that you can experience. There is Lima during the day, with all of its historic sites, shops and restaurants. And then there is Lima at night, when the music gets a little louder, crowds of locals get a little thicker and the smell of street food starts … Read more

Downtown Lima from Balconies to Bones

Downtown Lima Peru

When we told people that we planned to spend a month in Lima, Peru, we got more than a few raised eyebrows. The same was true when we first arrived and mentioned to some locals that we planned to visit for a month. A month? Many people look at Lima as a place to stay on … Read more

Lima Bike Tour – Coastal Miraflores

Lima Peru Bike Tour

Our guide Ytalo stretched out his arms, gesturing at the view for the small group of us. “They call it Lima the gray, or Lima the ugly. It’s always overcast here, but it never rains.” This statement was an introduction to a guided tour we were about to take along the coast Lima, Peru. The sights … Read more

5 Reasons to Visit Cartagena, Colombia

Reasons to Visit Cartagena

During an extended stay in Colombia we decided to stop by for a few days in the costal city of Cartagena. After spending a few weeks in Medellin, we were ready for some beach time. Turns out, there are plenty of things to do in Cartagena, and many reasons people love vacationing here. We put … Read more

Soaring Above Medellin – A Paragliding Adventure

Medellin Paragliding

Medellin, Colombia generally isn’t known as an adrenaline sports haven (unless you count taking the public bus on busy streets), but there is one thrill-seeking activity that can’t be missed: paragliding. If you’re not familiar, paragliding is similar to skydiving, but instead of jumping out of a plane, you utilize the updraft off a mountainside … Read more

Parque El Salado – Medellin Off The Beaten Track

Parque El Salado Medellin

Parque Ecoturistico El Salado is a lesser known park in Medellin, Colombia — so much so that during our day trip there we only saw a handful of other people wandering around.  With what we found when we got there it was hard to figure out why. The park isn’t difficult to get to.  Take the … Read more

A Day in Medellin Colombia

Medellin Cable Cars

Here’s a short-list of things to do in Medellin, Colombia.  You could accomplish the whole list in day if you apply yourself.  Better yet take a few days and enjoy your time here.  There is plenty to savor in this city with a fascinating past and a bright future. Take a free walking tour. This … Read more

Medellin Colombia Botanical Gardens

Medellin Colombia Botanical Gardens

The Medellin Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanico Medellin) are an island of calm in the midst of the city.  Visitors can stroll around the 40 acre park free of charge.  There are a few restaurants on the grounds, or you can opt to purchase or bring a picnic and sip on a bottle of wine while soaking … Read more