Costa Rica Rainforest and Chocolate Adventure

Costa Rica Rainforest and Chocolate Adventure

How can you improve a tour of a tropical rainforest in one of the world’s most amazing destinations – Costa Rica? Same as any other experience – just add chocolate! Genius idea and a fantastic day trip from San Jose. Exploring Costa Rica Rainforest We started our day winding our way up through the rural … Read more

Why Meteora Greece Should Be On Your Bucket List

Meteora Greece

When our train pulled into Meteora Greece our jaws hit the ground. It’s one of those places that looks gorgeous in pictures, but is a completely different experience when you see it yourself. The sheer magnitude of the rock cliffs and numerous pillars rising above the town of Meteora gives you a similar feeling to standing in the … Read more

Our TBEX Athens Experience – PreTour Roundup

Athens Greece

We recently attended our very first TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange) conference. It was exciting to us because, even after nine months of writing a travel blog, we didn’t feel like “official” bloggers. Really it’s a self-appointed title and can mean just about anything. Some people blog just for themselves, as a way to keep in touch with family and … Read more

A Wander with Athens Insiders

Anafiotika Neighborhood Greece

While in Athens we were thrilled to be invited to take a customized walking tour with Athens Insiders. And quickly after we met our guide, Yannis, we knew that this wouldn’t be your run of the mill walking tour. No scripted speech here. In preparation for the tour we were asked a series of questions about our interests. … Read more

Athens Greece Street Art

Before arriving in Athens, we heard a lot of about the graffiti that covers the walls of buildings throughout the city center. It can be an overwhelming sight. It’s so dense in some areas that it’s hard to find a small scrap of area on a wall that isn’t completely covered by cacophony of brightly colored graphics … Read more

Athens Off The Beaten Track Walking Tour

We were treated to a wonderful introduction to Athens, Greece compliments of This Is My Athens. Not your typical tour, our guide, Katerina, took us to places that we never would have thought to venture off to on our own. What makes us so special to deserve this honor? Nothing at all. The tour is a free … Read more

Segovia Spain – A Day Trip From Madrid You Can’t Miss

Segovia Spain Aqueduct

Segovia is an easy day trip from Madrid. It’s a short 25 minute ride by high speed train, but feels like a world away the minute you arrive. It is best known for for its amazingly well preserved 2000 year old aqueduct built during Roman times. The ancient structure is composed of huge stones held together … Read more

Toledo Spain in Photos

Toledo Spain Narrow Street

Toledo Spain is a medieval city about 25 minutes by high speed train from of Madrid. It is a great day trip from Madrid for those who love wandering through small cobbled side streets and enjoying views of gilded churches, ancient walls that surround the city. Or, just sitting outside in a small cafe and soaking … Read more

Madrid Tapas Cooking Class

Madrid Tapas Cooking Class

Madrid, Spain’s cuisine is best known for its tapas. Friendly little bars throughout the city offer up small plates with various snacks to go with your drink. They range from a simple bowl of potato chips or olives to a more substantial wedge of Spanish Tortilla (a sort of omelette most commonly made with egg, … Read more

10 Things To Do In Porto Portugal

Things To Do in Porto Portugal

Porto is Portugal’s second largest city. With roughly 200,000 inhabitants it is less than half the size of it’s rival city and capital of Portugal, Lisbon. But arguably Porto’s smaller size is part of its charm. During your stay you will find a city with a rich history and fierce pride as it shoulders an … Read more