The Ultimate Guide to Istanbul Street Food


Istanbul is a food city. Thousands of restaurants serve delicious Turkish specialties, from a huge array of mezzes (appetizers) to delicacies like stews cooked in clay pots or salt-baked fish. However, some of the best food can be found on the street, hawked by vendors calling you over as you walk in their general direction. We’ve gathered … Read more

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Completing the four-day hike to Machu Picchu was like everything, and like nothing, that I thought it would be. I read about the journey, attended the orientation, and talked to a number of people before setting off for the trek. During that process I received a lot of conflicting information. None of this detracted from … Read more

Top Things To Do in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Redeemer Statue, up close

We recently spent a month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Before we got there, we had heard all of the things that most of you have probably heard: it can be unsafe, dirty and full of partiers. And to be honest we did find some of those things. But after spending some time there we have … Read more

Turkish Hospitality in Istanbul, On Fire

Flaming Fish Baked in Salt

Sometimes the best experiences that we’ve had while traveling are unplanned and unanticipated. They always involve an element of surprise, a little bit of wow, and in the best of all world show us how wonderful and welcoming people can be. The other night was one such night. We were in a crowded restaurant in the … Read more

Istanbul: Back Doors and Hidden Places

Hidden Istanbul

This is the second part of our day-long challenge to see the Best of Istanbul in a Day. Seems like a huge task, but so far we’ve covered the Hagia Sophia Museum, The Basilica Cistern, The Blue Mosque, viewed the ancient Obelisk of Theodosius, and had a feast fit for a Sultan. For the second half … Read more

The Best of Istanbul in a Day

Istanbul's Blue Mosque

Istanbul is an expansive city with a  rich, complex history that stretches back thousands of years. It’s the only city whose boundaries lapse over two continents (Europe and Asia). But what if I told you that despite all the ground to cover, you can actually experience the very best of Istanbul, in one day? Ok, maybe one busy day. In order to accomplish … Read more

Grit, Spice and Delights in Istanbul

Istanbul Food and Market Tour

Our arrival to Istanbul was less than ideal. Just after stepping out of the airport after about 30 hours of travel and getting into the queue for a taxi almost everyone started to pull out their cigarettes. Ugh. And then there was the hair -raising cab ride to our Airbnb apartment. (Sean leaned over and … Read more

Where to Find the Best Feijoada in Rio de Janeiro


Feijoada is arguably Brazil’s national dish, a lofty position for what is basically bean and pork stew. What’s important about having a good feijoada is less about the dish itself and more about everything that surrounds it. When you eat feijoada you are headed to a party. It’s a social occasion with lots of food … Read more

Top 12 Things to Eat in Peru (and Where To Find Them)

Classic Pisco Sour

Before traveling to Peru we heard that it was a widely recognized foodie destination. We had traveled around South America and found that in many places the food can be described as uninspired – even a little bland. So we hoped that we would be in for a treat during our month-long stay. As it … Read more

Getting Skewered in Copacabana – The Churrascaria Experience

Churrascaria Palace Rio de Janeiro

Have you ever eaten in a Brazilian steakhouse (referred to as a Churrascaria in Brazil)? I’ve been to several and there are a few typical features. I thought I understood what they were all about, until I actually went to one in Brazil. But why should that have been a surprise? The Churrascaria Palace in … Read more