Top Things to do in Seville Spain for Foodies

devour seville food tour

It was our second day on our first trip to Seville, Spain. We’ve had several trips to this beautiful country, including trips through Catalonia, Madrid and Barcelona and were ready to discover what was unique and special about this southern city. What we discovered was quite a bit. Here, the best meals are had late … Read more

Unleashing Spain’s Wild Side in Lleida


Spain isn’t the first place that comes to mind when I’m thinking about going somewhere to spend time and relax with nature – at least it wasn’t until I was introduced the province of Lleida. Its location just south of France will explain the amazing food and wine there. You won’t find the bustling streets of Barcelona or … Read more

The Spain You Don’t Know, But Should – The Pyrenees


A few days ago I didn’t know that Spain was wonderful hiking destination. I didn’t realize that within a few hours of Barcelona you could enjoy whitewater rafting, explore small medieval towns and sample world class food and wine. But I do now. And before your next visit to Spain, so should you. Spain Pyrenees  … Read more

The Legends and Flavors of Solsona Spain

Solsona Spain

If you are an adventurous traveler in Spain, willing to venture a mere 2 hours outside of Barcelona, you will be treated to an intimate view of Solsona. There you will learn about the mysteries of the city and its legends, which will take you from the bottom of a forgotten church well to the top of … Read more

Experiencing Barcelona from the Land, Sea and Air

Barcelona Bike Tour

I have to admit, before I left on this tour I was a little anxious. But whatever apprehension I had was met, matched and trumped by the enthusiasm and forward motion of our guide, Oscar. And in this case, propelled forward through the crowded streets of Barcelona on an electric bike. Sorry folks of Barcelona, … Read more

Tossa De Mar – Spain’s Romantic Seaside Destination

Tossa De Mar Spain

Tossa De Mar is one of those places that instantly makes you relax, take a deep breath and realize that the best things in life are savored, slowly. And hopefully with a special someone to enjoy the day, walking hand in hand taking in the sights, smelling the sea and tasting regional cuisine. The town is a small … Read more

Victoria Restaurant – Tossa De Mar, Spain

Tossa De Mar Castle

Sometimes a restaurant can be less about the food and more about the view. But, when you can get a wonderful sea view AND great food – that’s pure heaven. We had such a dining experience at the Victoria Restaurant and Hotel in Tossa Del Mar on the Costa Brava region of Spain. Here are a few … Read more

You Should “Devour Barcelona”

Spanish Tapas

There are tons of restaurants in Barcelona, Spain – and a lot of them are very good. You could take the most popular choice and wade through the crowds of tourists on La Rambla in order to wait in line for a plate of paella. But we suggest a different food experience that will bring … Read more

5 Things Not To Miss In Madrid Spain

If Madrid, Spain isn’t in your travel bucket-list, add it now. Before we got there we heard all about the dramatic bull fights, the fruit laden sangria, the amazing paella. Of course, we learned once we arrived that most of those things are pretty much reserved for the tourists. But don’t let that deter you from visiting. … Read more

Segovia Spain – A Day Trip From Madrid You Can’t Miss

Segovia Spain Aqueduct

Segovia is an easy day trip from Madrid. It’s a short 25 minute ride by high speed train, but feels like a world away the minute you arrive. It is best known for for its amazingly well preserved 2000 year old aqueduct built during Roman times. The ancient structure is composed of huge stones held together … Read more