Walks of Italy: The Best Food Tour in Rome

Walks of Italy Food Tour

When we first arrived at this Walks of Italy food tour, the guide gave us a warning. “You are going to be eating a lot on the tour. And drinking a lot of wine – which I think is ok, because you are also going to be walking a lot.” She scanned the crowd – “there aren’t … Read more

The Fountains of Rome

Trevi Fountain

Rome always makes me think of water. The aqueducts, feats of engineering marvel, brought water from the mountain to the ancient city long before most of the world had even imagined plumbing. And, they’re still standing (and in many cases, working) after thousands of years. There are the famous fountains: Trevi and the fountains in Piazza Navona … Read more

Finding Rome’s Hidden Gems

Rome's Hidden Gems

On a visit to Rome, the most popular tourist attractions are hard to miss. There are plenty of places well publicized in the guidebooks that will have a nice long line for you to snake along in, and they reward you with some pretty spectacular sights. But there are also lots of lesser known places that … Read more

Rome Underground – Catacombs and Hidden City

Domitilla Catacombs

The images that come to mind when you close your eyes and think of Rome are mostly of the iconic monuments and historic sites scattered throughout the city: The Vatican, the Wedding Cake, and the Colosseum are good examples. But a little closer inspection will reveal that some of the most significant sights in the city are … Read more

How To Beat The Crowds At The Vatican

Vatican Panorama View

Everything about the Vatican is vast and impressive. As you step into St. Peter’s Square, the Basilica with its enormous dome takes center stage. Massive statues of Jesus and the apostles that are perched on the facade are almost dwarfed by the columns fronting the basilica. More enormous pillars, four deep, encircle and embrace all of St. Peter’s Square. The apostolic … Read more

Where to Eat in Rome? In The Kitchen – Cooking With Nonna!

Cooking With Nonna

There is no other experience in Rome that will leave you walking away from the table, over-stuffed and happy, with the sensation that you had been on the receiving end of a huge Italian hug, than Cooking with Nonna. For this one evening, no matter where you grew up, you are part of Nonna’s big Italian family. And … Read more

Rome’s Best Neighborhood: Trastevere


Rome is made up of many distinct areas, each with its own characteristics and charms. And each with fiercely loyal locals who consider the Roman neighborhood where they live, and their families have lived for generations, the very best. Such is the case for the Roman neighborhood of Trastevere.  Trastevere (which means “across the river”) … Read more

Rome – Behind The Keyhole

Lock in Rome Door

When you see a line there’s always something good at the other end – right? Why else would a bunch of people, on a perfectly beautiful day, spend their precious time in a line unless it was worthwhile? I’m one of those people that always wonders, and probably got myself in more than one line … Read more

Roaming in Rome – Colosseum and Roman Forum

Roman Colosseum

Visiting the Colosseum and the Roman forum are on the top of most travelers list of must-see places when visiting Rome, Italy. And they should be. You can’t walk through these iconic sites without feeling more connected to this ancient place. The Colosseum is a massive structure, actually the largest amphitheater in the world, that … Read more

Pontone – A Walk Back In Time

My favorite day in Sorrento was a complete surprise.  I read plenty of guide books, watched all of the travel channel shows and thumbed through magazines before heading to the Almafi coast, but nothing really prepared me for Pontone. Or, more accurately, the hike to Pontone. My husband and I started out taking the ferry from … Read more