Fun Things to do in Prague

Thing to do in Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As a city that’s rich in history, food, and architecture, Prague attracts over 6.4 million people every year. From museums to historical attractions to churches and theaters, there’s a seemingly never-ending number of things to see … Read more

The Wine Drinker’s Survival Guide to Prague

Prague River Bar

Prague is a beer city. The Czech Republic is the largest consumer of beer in Europe, and the beer is good, cheap, and plentiful. Pilsner beer is named after the city of Pilsen, just over 50 miles from Prague. But, what do you do when you’re surrounded by beer, but craving a glass of wine? Fear … Read more

Celebrating Spring with Festivals in Prague

Prague Festivals

Ditch the heavy jacket, spring is here! After a cold dreary Czech winter, it’s time to party in Prague. We were lucky enough to be in Prague in May and join in on the fun – and there was lots to be had: festivals of all sorts were happening around the city during our stay. … Read more

Nine Things You Must Eat (and Drink) in Prague

Before arriving in Prague, we had a few ideas about what Czech food would be like. When we thought of Czech cuisine, we pictured heavy meaty dishes that we’d wash down with plenty of cold beer. And while we certainly found the traditional meaty options, we found some surprises as well. So when you find yourself in Prague, here … Read more

Czech Republic’s Melnik – A Place For Royalty, Heartbreak and Wine

Melnik Czech Republic

The thousand-year old city of Melnik has been a gathering place for royalty since its inception. A short visit there quickly reveals why this very quaint town became a favorite of queens over the centuries and remains the home of Czech Republic royalty even today. But no story of royalty goes without some mention of tragedy, scandal … Read more

Getting the Best Tastes of Prague in a Day


In my opinion, there are a few elements that are necessary to have a fantastic day in a new place. The first includes being able to get out on foot, and take in the sights and sounds to get a feel of the destination. Next, I like to find some of the food that the … Read more

Join the Party – Dining with Locals in Prague

Cheese and stuffed peppers

One of the things about traveling for an extended period of time is that you miss out on the things “normal” people do. Getting together with friends, making dinner and having a few drinks, that sort of thing. What if there was a way to get invited to a dinner party, with great people and delicious … Read more