28+ Best Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

One of the reasons that we love traveling to this tropical Mexican destination is that there are so many fantastic things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Beyond soaking up the sun by the ocean or poolside (not that there is anything wrong with that) you can get caught up in the art scene, enjoy gourmet … Read more

Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Beaches

Puerto Vallarta beaches aren’t the only reason people visit this popular Mexican city. It has a laid back atmosphere, while also offering many things to do in Puerto Vallarta, such as hiking, water sports, shopping and a vibrant nightlife. There is an array of dining possibilities in Puerto Vallarta, range from top of the line … Read more

Cenotes near Tulum, Mexico

Cenotes Near Tulum

If you’re looking for cenotes near Tulum, Mexico to visit, you are in luck. There are tons of them! We’ve put together a list of what we think are the best cenotes near Tulum – a mix of larger and smaller options, as well as cenotes directly in town and others that will need a … Read more

Tirokafteri – Spicy Feta and Red Pepper Dip

Spicy Greek Feta Dip

There are many versions of this popular easy Greek Feta Dip, known as Htipiti or Tirokafteri. Some use sweet red bell peppers and cayenne pepper, others use spicy red pepper flakes or fresh spicy red peppers. Different varieties of vinegar (such as red wine vinegar or plain white vinegar) or added oregano or Greek yogurt … Read more

How to Choose a New Orleans Cooking Experience

New Orleans School of Cooking

Anyone who spends any time on our blog knows that we often pick our travel destinations based on food. It is also easy to determine that taking food tours and cooking classes are some of our favorite things to do. One of our best loved foodie destination, and one of the first trips we ever … Read more

The Best Puerto Vallarta Beach Clubs and Day Passes

When it comes to visiting the captivating oceanfront destination of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you’re going to have tons of beach time at any number of the great beaches on offer. Of course, you can just park a towel on the sand to enjoy the day. But, Puerto Vallarta’s Beach Clubs offer an additional level of … Read more

Puerto Vallarta Cooking Class

Chicken Mole Puerto Vallarta

Today we learned how to take ten simple ingredients, and turn them into one of the best Mexican meals we have ever had. Although, admittedly, making that bit of culinary magic happen required a few special things. First, we needed knowledge about where to find the freshest local ingredients. Next needed to put ourselves in … Read more

Traditional Romanian Food – What to Eat in Bucharest

Eggplant dip on Seeded Bread

If you are traveling to Bucharest and looking for traditional Romanian food, you will quickly find that Bucharest is home to tons of restaurants serving some of the country’s finest Romanian cuisine. Bucharest is filled with so many pleasant surprises. It is a beautiful city, once nicknamed the “little Paris of the east” due to … Read more

Things to Do in Taipei Taiwan

Things to do in Taipei - Shiften

Taiwan has long been a popular destination for Chinese and Japanese tourists. During our time there, however, we found scant visitors from Europe or the United States. Distance is certainly a factor, but that doesn’t stop Westerners from visiting neighboring locations, such as Hong Kong. However, there are many reasons why the island of Taiwan … Read more

Taipei Food Guide – What to Eat in Taipei

Taipei Food Guide

In preparing to write this Taipei Food Guide, we immersed ourselves in Taiwanese food culture. And this is definitely a foodie city. There are restaurants everywhere, and the Taipei night markets are a regular destination for locals. Entering any of the food markets that dot the city is an immersive experience. The crowds jostle to … Read more