A Cat Cafe in Budapest

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2021)

What’s right, or wrong, with this picture? That depends on your particular set of allergies, thoughts about hygiene, and love of furry feline creatures.

Budapest is home to one of the new breed of cat cafe’s springing up around the world. They are either the best friend to a traveler who need an occasional feline fix (such as ourselves) or a complete house of horrors to those who despise cats, or just hate the thought of dining with one. We found this one around the corner from our apartment, and after about five seconds of debate, decided that we needed to check it out.

Gray cat in Budapest
Don’t mind me

Here the cats roam around freely. According to the waitress, this black and white one pictured below waits for the opportune moment to hop onto your toasty keyboard for a catnap.

Budapest Cat Cafe
Do you have room at your table for one more?

There are plenty of spots for the cats to hang out, or to make their escape if needed from young sticky fingered ones.

Cat Cafe
Enjoying a snack and a nap in the sun at the Budapest Cat Cafe
Budapest Cat Cafe
Taking advantage of a laptop sleeve under the table

The idea isn’t a new one, there are cat cafes in several cities, such as London, Paris, SingaporeChiang Mai, Thailand and in Oakland, California. We’ve provided the links, just in case you are in one of these cities and need to experience one of these places for yourself. Some of the cafes have taken in the cats and who now consider the cafe their home. Others focus on cat adoptions.

Wall of cat lounges
Cat lounge area complete with lofty padded bunks for your feline friends
Over-run with cats
Over-run with cats

What do you think? Would you consider visiting a cat cafe while traveling?

You can find the Cat Cafe in Budapest Hungary here:


Tue-Sun 12:00-22:00
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26 thoughts on “A Cat Cafe in Budapest”

  1. haha the cats look o fluffily! I have been to the ones in Singapore (there are many these days!) and always enjoy a good stroke something very relaxing about stroking a cat…

  2. To be honest, I love cats, I have 3. But I’m not sure about cat cafes. I know sometimes that the cats are given catnip (obviously it depends on the cafe) and such to make them more placid, which I don’t think is right. And I think some people are idiots around cats, not reading their signals right and annoying them just because they or their children want to pet the fluffy animal. But as long as someone in the cafe is watching out for these kinds of people and making sure that the cats aren’t getting hassled then I’d be fine with it. It would be nice to get a feline fix when I’m away from home.

    • I completely understand. Similar to the tiger temples in Thailand, right? This cafe actually had a staff member who’s job seemed to be walking around and helping people (particularly kids) in interactions with the cats, so that was kind of cool.

  3. Hmmmm lol these really are pooping up everywhere, it’s the third or fourth time I’m actually hearing about the concept now. I think I would go in to check it out for the novelty of it, though I’m unsure as to whether or not the whole dining experience would be for me – I have a huge OCD for loose hair lol which is one of the reasons why I don’t own a cat – though never say never, I’m always willing to try something at least once, and who, knows, I may just be surprised!

    Thanks for the feature!

  4. I really like cats and my parents have 3. The most important thing is that the cats feel comfortable hanging around strangers, which apparently they do! Need to check out the London one soon.

  5. I’m going to be honest, I am incredibly allergic to cats so this would be my nightmare! However, it does look very cool and I’m sure the cats and patrons love the concept. Now, if there was a dog cafe I would be all over that. I think there’s a cafe in South Korea that has goats and other farm animals so maybe dogs are that far off! Cool concept!

  6. I have heard a lot more of these popping up around the world. Animal cafes seem to be especially popular in Japan. Cats are cool although I prefer dogs. I would probably only go to say I went, but not as something I would do often other than that.

    • Yeah, we really just went as a lark, and since it was right around the corner from our apartment. The WIFI and coffee were good though, so I could see us going again.


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