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Pan Toasted Cheese and Guava Appetizer

Pan Toasted Cheese and Guava Appetizer

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In Brazil, they have a popular appetizer called “Romeo and Juliet” (Romeu e Julieta ).

It is a simple preparation of a mildly salty cheese (Coalho) paired with a slice of sweet guava paste.

Its name is apparently due to the pairing of these two flavors – they just simply and go together perfectly.

Coalho is a mild cheese that has a “squeaky” firm texture. It does not melt significantly when heated, so it can become lightly toasted when grilled without losing its shape. If unavailable it can be substituted with halloumi cheese.

I’ve changed up the recipe slightly and added a kick of spice, making this dish a perfect appetizer to go along with Brazil’s favorite cocktail – the Caipirinha.

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Brazilian Toasted Cheese and Guava

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Pan Toasted Cheese and Guava Appetizer

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  1. Add the cheese to a frying pan over medium heat.
  2. Cook until the cheese begins to brown.
  3. Turn the cheese over and brown the other side.
  4. In a small bowl, combine the guava paste, lime juice and hot sauce.
  5. Place the cheese on a platter and cover the top with the guava paste mixture.
  6. Cut into bite sized chunks and serve with toothpicks.


*Substitute a few drops of Hot Chili Pepper Oil if unable to locate Malagueta Pepper Sauce

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A special thank you to Chef Simone of Cook In Rio who introduced us to the flavors in this dish.

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