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Best Restaurants in Holbox

Best Restaurants in Holbox

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Finding the best restaurants in Holbox Island, Mexico, was a fun job indeed! What surprised us the most was that the restaurants on the tiny island (with only dirt roads) featured such an assortment of International cuisine. We found plenty of Mexican food, but also Mediterranean fare and even Japanese cuisine.

A Little Introduction to Holbox Island

Holbox Island, also known as Isla Holbox, is a beautiful island located about 40 miles northwest of Cancun, Mexico. It was founded by pirates about 150 years ago and has gone on to become one of the most popular tourist islands in Mexico.

The area is inhabited by Mayan people numbering up to 2,000, whose main means of livelihood is fishing.

Holbox Island Beach Credit: zstock

This serene island has been isolated for decades and has retained its original beauty, culture, and quiet lifestyle. Beyond its stunning beaches, Holbox is also known for its amazing sunsets and the huge flock of flamingos that call the island home.

Holbox Island Street Art

Holbox has no paved roads, and locals and tourists can only move around on foot or with motorbikes, bicycles, and golf carts. There are taxis available on the island, but they are all golf carts!

Lobster Pizza Credit: Lawrence Cirocco

The other claim to fame on Holbox Island is the prevalence of fantastic seafood dishes. We’re not just talking about seafood tacos. Holbox is best known for its Lobster Pizza! 

Note: Lobster is only fished between June 30 and March 1 to maintain a healthy population of the tasty crustaceans, so plan accordingly.

Here are our picks for the best restaurants in Holbox, including where to find the best lobster pizza on the island!

Where to eat on Holbox Island

El Chapulim

El Chapulim features a uniquely eclectic and charming design. Head chef Erik Winckelmann has designed this restaurant with a no-menu policy. Instead, the chef comes to your table and tells you what dishes are available for the day.

El Chapulim is best known for its fresh, delicious, and flavorful seafood specials. It is best to visit this restaurant early in the day as the food is only available as long as the supplies for the day are available.

Casa Nostra Roof Restaurant

Casa Nostra Roof Restaurant offers a blended mix of Sicilian and Caribbean dishes. Enjoy a casual dining experience on their patio, complimented by their extensive wine collection.

Be sure to try out their seafood or lobster pasta or one of their daily specials, such as this sea bass in a sauce spiked with limoncello.

Casa Nostra Roof Restaurant Sea Bass Special

Holbox Foodie

Holbox Foodie

Chef Gerardo Hernandez created the Holbox Foodie Market, a gourmet dining experience with something for everyone.

The market has a central seating area, surrounded by food stalls offering a diverse range of local and international cuisine, including Mexican, Italian, Japanese, and Caribbean dishes.

The Foodie Market also has a bar where you can find margaritas or upscale cocktails made with smoky mezcal and fine herbs. 

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Barquito Mawimbi Beach Bar and Restaurant 

Barquito Mawimbi Beach Bar and Restaurant is a great place to enjoy a meal while sitting on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

The restaurant is known for its extensive menu, including Mexican and Italian dishes and delicious drinks made from fresh local ingredients.

It’s also a great place to enjoy a cocktail while getting a spectacular view of Holbox’s famous sunsets. 

Sunset on Holbox


Roots Restaurant Holbox

Roots is famous for its delicious thin-crust pizzas freshly made in their large brick oven. If you do not try the Lobster Pizza at Roots, your visit to Isla Holbox will not be complete.

The lobster pizza comes with lobster, some tomato sauce, garlic, and three different topping sauces.

Roots Holbox Island

In our opinion, the habanero sauce pairs best with the pizza, so you should try that. The restaurant itself features a cool, rustic atmosphere that blends well with the entire island vibe.

Tamashi Restaurant

Tamashi Restaurant – Holbox

Tamashi is another trendy restaurant on the island. Located on the second floor of HM Palapas Hotel, this alfresco sushi restaurant is a great place to enjoy dinner on Isla Holbox.

Try Tempora or their combo platter, which includes nigiri, sashimi, and maki with a view overlooking their pool. It’s another great place to enjoy a cocktail with a sunset view.

Los Peleones

Los Peleones Cantina – Holbox Island

Los Peleones is a fun and bubbly restaurant and bar on Holbox Island. Located in the central town square, they serve some of the best cocktails in town, and this makes them the perfect place to stop for a refreshing drink and some amazing food.

The restaurant is Mexican wrestling-themed, and they have a photo booth, so get ready to take some fun, memorable photos. Try out wearing a colorful luchador (professional wrestler) mask. Happy hour starts at 5 pm!


Raices is a great place to enjoy freshly caught seafood under a rustic palapa on the beach. 

Fish Tostada

Hijas de la Tostada Fish Ceviche

If you never tried a Mexican ceviche tostada, this is your chance. It is paired perfectly with a margarita, served to you while you are enjoying a sea view with your toes in the sand!

Playa Nana

Playa Nana is our pick for the best place to enjoy a sunset on Holbox Island. Arrive before the sun goes down to claim a spot on the beach. Grab a cocktail and sit back to enjoy the show. 

Playa Nana Holbox Before Sunset


Holbox Sunset

Simply spectacular!

Cocktail on the beach at Sunset – Holbox Island

How to get to Holbox Island

There are several ways to get to Holbox Island. The first step is making your way to the Port of Chiquila where you can catch the ferry. You can drive yourself and park for 50 – 100 pesos (about $2.50 – $5.00 US) depending on the vendor you select. You can also arrive at the port via bus or shared van.

The ADO bus is the least expensive option. The buses are air-conditioned and show a movie in Spanish during the ride. The trip takes about two hours from either Playa del Carmen or the Cancun Airport.

Ferry from the Port of Chiquila to Holbox Island

Once at the Port of Chiquila, you can purchase tickets for the ferry from Chiquila to Holbox. The trip takes about 25 minutes and the ferry leaves from the dock every 20 minutes. The cost is about 220 pesos ($12 US) each way.

Two ferry operators cross to the island every 30 minutes. The first ferry leaves Chiquila at 6:00 a.m. and the last one leaves at 9:30 p.m.

Once you arrive at the Island, there will be plenty of golf cart taxis ready to take you to your hotel. Taxis charge 50 – 100 pesos (about $2.50 -$5 US) depending on the distance. 

Holbox Island Golf Cart Taxi

If you choose to go by plane, there is a small airport on Holbox Island where private planes can land. You can catch a flight to the Island from the Cancun Airport, Tulum, Cozumel, or Playa del Carmen. The flight to Holbox Island from any of these locations is approximately 40 minutes.

Where to Stay on Holbox Island

Holbox Island Hotel

Villas HM Palapas del Mar

Villas HM Palapas del Mar offers 55 upscale villas, some with their private plunge pool. The 4-star hotel has a restaurant, offers room service, and access to their private beach area. All rooms have private balconies and some offer a stunning view of the beach.

Ser Casasandra Boutique Hotel

Ser Cassandra is an exotic beach-front hotel run by Sandra Perez Lozano, a Cuban artist. This serene stretch of beach blocks offers handcrafted decor and beautiful artwork made by Sandra and other talented local artists. With its rough wooden beams, natural hues, and sun brollies, Cassandra has that unique combination of rustic and luxury.

Casa Las Tortugas

This is a chic hideaway in the heart of Holbox Island. It is set on the beach side and has a restaurant, daybeds, yoga studio, spa, an outdoor pool, and a shop. Experience low-key glamour when you stay at Casa Las Tortugas.

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