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Barcelona Bike Tour

Barcelona Bike Tour

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Today we embarked on a unique Barcelona bike tour. We were told it would be the most exhilarating way to see the best of Barcelona – by ebike, cable car and boat!

I have to admit, embarking on this tour I was a little anxious. Whatever apprehension I had was met, matched and trumped by the enthusiasm and forward motion of our guide, Oscar.

Barcelona land sea and air

In this case, propelled forward through the crowded streets of Barcelona on an electric bike tour. Sorry folks of Barcelona, ready or not, here I come.

We started the “Land, Sea and Air Tour of Barcelona” in a little courtyard where we practiced peddling the electric-assist bike.

After climbing on my bike of choice, I pushed one foot forward on the pedal and the bike operated pretty much like a normal bike.

Then the next foot went forward and the bike launched with an electric powered jolt of energy. Getting the hang of this in the ancient cobbled round courtyard didn’t do wonders for my confidence.

Sant Felip Neri

Sant Felip Neri – building bear the scars from the Spanish Civil War and remain there in rememberance

The building that made up the courtyard were pitted with holes from a bombing that claimed the lives of 42 people in 1938.

It was decided not to repair the holes as a reminder of the tragedy of that day.

I hoped that I would not also leave a nasty reminder of my stay as a result of my riding skills on the buildings, monuments or pedestrians.

Barcelona Botanical Gardens

Barcelona Botanical Gardens

After assuring myself that my international medical insurance policy was up to date, I joined the group and headed off into traffic.

After a little practice and only a few near collisions I (mostly) got the hang of it.

It was really nice to get the extra boost of power as we climbed the hills of Barcelona for some spectacular views.

There are many famous attractions in Barcelona, and despite all of my previous research, this particular view was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. 

Barcelona land sea and air

Sweeping views of Barcelona

To get to the very top of Montijuic Mountain, we took it a little easier and rode up in cable cars (the air portion of our tour).

Barcelona Land Sea and Air Tour

Relieved that I would not be paragliding my way down the hill, I was able to really enjoy the scenery.

My relaxation was only briefly interrupted when the cable car operator needed to shut down the line in order to untangle and retrieve my bike. No harm done.

Being treated with an unexpected arguably one of the best views of Barcelona was well worth the effort.

An unexpected treat as we glided down the hill was a stop at a desert-themed botanical garden.

Cactus Garden

Blooming Cactus Garden

At the bottom of the hill we made our way through the back streets of Barcelona to get a view of the beach.

The  man-made sandy stretch of beach is a very popular spot for locals to hang out.

I took in the beach vibe so close to the city center with the many surrounding restaurants and made mental notes for a return trip when I had more time.

The bike ride was a perfect opportunity to tour some of the lesser-known neighborhoods of Barcelona and get a whole new appreciation for this beautiful city.

Our last stop was a relaxing mini-ride on a catamaran around the harbor. It was a nice way to relax and enjoy views of Barcelona from the water.

view of Barcelona from the sea

View of Barcelona from the sea

By the time we got off the boat and back on the bikes to head back to our starting point, I was thinking “I could really do this again.”

Happy with my lack of injuries (to myself, others, or any historic sights), partially due to the vigilance of others on the tour when I braked and swerved erratically, I now see the whole trip as a big success.

Honestly, when asked about what to do in Barcelona, I would happily add taking a Barcelona Bike Tour to the list. 

And one good experience deserves another: we celebrated finishing off our tour with a local brew.

Cervezeria Moritz

Cervezeria Moritz

Cervezeria Mortiz

Old meets new at the brewery establishes practices to become more sustainable and energy efficient.

We found a really good one along with some great food and a tour at Cevezeria Moritz. Brewing beer since 1856, these guys really had it down.

They were also were really proud to show us both the old elements and new ones that were turning the factory into a sustainable, energy efficient modern establishment.

It was a nice way to finish off an exhilarating day in the city. As I enjoy my beer, I am mentally buying one for each one of the pedestrians that had to jump out of my way as I inexpertly jockeyed my bike through the Barcelona streets.

No harm intended, none done (that I know of anyway) – Cheers Barcelona!

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Tuesday 2nd of June 2015

I love Spain and Barcelona...takes me back!

Dannielle Lily

Tuesday 2nd of June 2015

I could go back to Barcelona every year and be happy :)

Francesca @onegrloneworld

Sunday 31st of May 2015

Riding bikes was one of my favorite things to do in Barcelona ^_^ Thanks for taking me back down memory lane. I never tried an electric bike, but I wish I had!

Natalie Deduck

Sunday 31st of May 2015

Barcelona is one of my favorites city in the world and I have been there many times, although I'm not sure about cycling around there. So congrats for your courage to do it, and finish without a scratch! Glad that you enjoyed the city in so many different ways! Nat :-)

Valeria @ Rome, New York, London, World

Sunday 31st of May 2015

This sounds really fun. Only thing is I would be so focused on not running anyone over or losing my balance that I wouldn't pay attention to the tour and sights :)