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Our Recommendations – What We Have In Our Pack

After 2 years of traveling full-time, we have more travel under our belts than most. And during that time we’ve come up with a few things that make travel easier and more convenient for us. Below are links to products that we use and recommend. The links provided will direct you to Amazon where you […]

Beyond Mail Forwarding: Mail Options for Nomads and Travelers

You Don’t Live in One Place. Why Do You Need a Mailing Address? Typically when you move to a new place, you fill out a mail forwarding form with the post office, and they make sure your mail gets to your new address. What? You don’t have an address? As full-time travelers, we don’t have an […]

Worst Gifts for Travelers – Please Don’t Buy Us These

Why would we list the worst gifts for travelers? We’ve seen way too many posts about the “Best Gifts for Travelers” or “Top 10 Presents for Travelers” – so, we decided on something a little different. Please, please don’t buy us (or anyone you love) anything on the following list. Enjoy reading. Our Worst Gifts for […]

Language Learning on a Budget

If you’ve traveled anywhere where you don’t speak the local language, you’re aware of the challenges you can face: trouble negotiating taxis and transportation, not understanding directions, ordering the wrong food. It’s always helpful to have a few phrases in the local language. But, what if you want to go beyond “hello”, “thank you”, and […]

Do You Need Proof of Onward Travel?

You arrive at the airport, armed with bags, passport and your one-way ticket, ready for a big adventure exploring your next new destination. And then, as you are checking into your flight, you are asked the dreaded question. “Do you have proof of onward travel?” Most round the world travelers and digital nomads have faced this question at […]
In Flight

How We Save Thousands on Airfare

Generally, people are shocked at how little we pay for airfare. As digital nomads, we travel differently than most people. Since we don’t have a “home base”, a lot of our trips are open-ended. This allows for a lot of flexibility to find inexpensive flights (as well as some challenges – not having a return […]
Bangkok Tuk Tuk

How to Get to Know a New City – Digital Nomad Style

At least once a month, we pack up everything we own and move to a new city, and often a new country. Such is the life of nomads. While we love the excitement and fascination of exploring new places, figuring out a new city or town can also be frustrating. But, over a year of […]
How we afford to travel full-time

How We Afford To Travel Full-time

How do we afford to travel full-time? This is the question we get more than any others when we describe to people what we do. When we first announced to our family and friends that we were going to sell our home and begin traveling full-time we had a lot of mixed reactions. The most […]

Size Matters – The luggage debate.

When you’re selling almost all of your stuff and preparing to travel the world, there are many, many discussions as a couple — many excited, some fearful, some funny. The inevitable one, however, is the “Luggage Discussion.” Here’s an excerpt: Sean: So, we need to start deciding on our bags for the trip Jen: I’m […]