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Photo Friday February 27, 2015

Pizza Chef at Angelos This chef has good reason to smile – he makes seriously good pizza. Angelos Restaurant is located in the heart of the colonial zone in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. We were drawn in by the outdoor seating next to some of the best historical sites in the area and […]
on February 27, 2015
Santo Domingo Colonial Zone

Experience Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone

Visiting the Colonial Zone is a must-do day trip in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. But the day is all the better with a guide. Looking at the gorgeous colorful buildings and plazas is one thing, but understanding the place and its rich and embattled history brings it to life. We were able to visit the city with a […]
on February 17, 2015
Santo Domingo Chocolate and Clay tour

Santo Domingo Chocolate and Clay Tour

What do chocolate and clay have in common? During a visit to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic we joined a tour and found out that the answer is, quite a bit. We started out by leaving the coastal area of Santo Domingo and winding our way along toward the center of the island. Along the […]
on February 9, 2015
El Meson De La Cava

Romance in a Caribbean Pirate Cave – El Mesón De La Cava

El Mesón de la Cava. It doesn’t sound like your typical Caribbean dining choice. But, let’s break this down. It’s in a cave – sure. Interesting food selections (not to include jerk chicken – it’s not that kind of place). Why not? Put them together and you have a romantic atmosphere in the center of […]
on February 4, 2015
Lily Pads in Santo Domingo Botanical Park

Santo Domingo Botanical Garden

The Santo Domingo Botanical Garden is a beautiful island of green situated in a sea of concrete. When most people think of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, they come up with visions of blue ocean and white sandy beaches. Because the reason for our visit was largely work related, we had the opportunity to […]
on January 30, 2015